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What is a heart healthy diet - low fat, or low carbs?

Here are articles dealing with the raging controversy over what constitutes a "heart healthy diet" - low fats, low carbs, or something else?

What Is A Heart-Healthy Diet, Anyway?
A heart healthy diet consists of seven simple rules.

Heart Healthy Diet - Low Fat, or Low Carbs?
The carb vs. fat controversy - cutting through the rhetoric.

Five foods for a healthier heart
Here are 5 dietary changes you can make to improve heart health.

More Evidence the Mediterranean Diet Is Good for Heart Health
A Mediterranean diet is associated with a reduced risk of metabolic syndrome, a disease that affects heart health.

Heart healthy snacks
A brief discussion of heart healthy snacks

The Fish Controversy
The Institute of Medicine and the Harvard School of Public Health have released reports on the risks and benefits of eating seafood, much to the dismay of environmental and consumer groups.

What Do the New Studies on Low-Carb Diets Really Mean?
Two new studies show low carbohydrate diets are safer than thought, and moderately effective

Atkins Vindicated?
New evidence suggests low carb diets may be OK for the heart.

An U-Oh for Atkins?
On the other hand, different new evidence suggests the Atkins diet may carry risk.

The South Beach Diet Controversy
The South Beach Diet is a form of low-carb dieting that is less radical than the Atkins diet.

Low Carb Diets Don't Increase Coronary Disease
Low carb, higher fat diets did not increase heart disease in women

Green Tea and Cardiovascular Health
Drinking green tea may reduce cardiovascular mortality.

Plant sterols in food products
A review of which food products contain cholesterol-lowering sterols.

Dangerous dietary supplements for the heart
A brief review of dietary supplements that can be dangerous for the heart.

Heart healthy cooking tips
Heart healthy cooking tips

Caffeine and the heart
Caffeine and the heart

Does Alcohol Reduce Heart Disease Death In Women?
Light to moderate alcohol consumption may help lower the risk of death from heart disease in women.

Chocolate and Heart Health
Several studies have now documented an association between chocolate consumption and improved cardiovascular health.

High Glycemic Diet Makes Animals Fat
Animals fed a diet of high glycemic carbs did strikingly poorly

The Mediterranean Diet and Peripheral Artery Disease
The Mediterranean diet lowers the risk of peripheral artery disease.

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