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Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

In peripheral artery disease, arteries supplying blood to the limbs become blocked or partially blocked from atherosclerosis.  

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Heart Disease Spotlight10

Dressler's Syndrome

Dressler's syndrome is an inflammatory reaction involving the pericardium, that can appear after damage to cardiac cells.

Fish Oil and Heart Disease - An Update

According to recent evidence, taking fish oil to prevent heart disease is not the slam dunk it once appeared to be.

Sleep Deprivation and Heart Disease

Several recent studies have made an association between chronic sleep deprivation (in general, getting less than five hours of sleep per night) and heart disease - or at least the risk facors for heart disease.

Why You Should Quit Smoking TODAY

Quitting smoking has an immediate impact on your risk of heart attack or stroke.

What Are Triglycerides and What Do They Do?

A description of triglycerides, and what they do

Your Fitness and Your Cardiac Risk

A new cardiovascular risk calculator takes physical fitness into account - and substantially improves long-term risk projections.

Dark Chocolate and Your Arteries

Dark chocolate can promote the health of your arteries in several ways, and the benefits are seen both acutely and chronically.

Niacin For Raising HDL Cholesterol

Niacin in high doses will reliably increase HDL levels - but side effects are common, and questions remain about the benefits of niacin for HDL.

White Coat Hypertension

In white coat hypertension, blood pressure is high in the doctor's office, but normal at other times.

How Should Your Doctor Evaluate Dyspnea (Shortness of Breath)?

The evaluation of dyspnea should begin with a thorough medical history and physical examination.

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