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Coronary artery disease, heart attacks, angina, angioplasty and stents

Articles and links on coronary artery disease, its consequences and its treatment. Covers heart attacks, angina, bypass surgery, stents, angioplasty, and other topics related to coronary artery disease.
  1. Angioplasty & stents (35)
  2. Bypass Surgery (4)
  3. Chest pain & angina (15)
  4. Heart Attack (39)
  5. Links on CAD (3)
  6. Other treatments for CAD (11)
  7. Quick Primer on CAD (3)

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Cardiac rehabilitation plays a very important role in getting you back to health after a heart attack

Heart Attack Risk Factors
Several risk factors, some controllable and some not controllable, increase the risk of heart attack.

Congenital Coronary Artery Abnormalities - Exercise Recommendations
Exercise recommendations for people who have congenital coronary artery abnormalities

The Complicated Choices In Treating CAD
A patient with newly diagnosed coronary artery disease has many decisions to make about lifestyle choices, surgery, stenting or medical therapy

Acute Coronary Syndrome - ACS
Acute coronary syndrome - ACS - occurs when a plaque in a coronary artery ruptures, causing a blood clot to form within the artery, and blocking blood flow to the heart muscle.

Preventing Acute Coronary Syndrome - ACS
Preventing acute coronary syndrome - ACS - is an important goal in treating heart disease.

Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease
How tests are used to diagnose coronary artery disease

Overview of Heart Disease Treatments
An overview of the options for treating coronary artery disease.

Medical Treatment for Angina
The medical treatment for angina and ischemia include lifestyle changes and medication.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)
Peripheral artery disease (PAD) generally refers to atherosclerosis affecting arteries other than the those of the heart and brain.

Learn the definition of claudication.

What is Atherosclerosis?
What you should know about atherosclerosis.

Ranexa for Treating Angina
Ranexa - ranolazine - is the first of a new class of drugs used for treating angina.

Calcium Channel Blockers for Treating Angina
Calcium channel blockers dilate blood vessels, reduce the force of heart muscle contraction, and slow the heart rate, thus reducing the risk of angina in patients with coronary artery disease.

Beta Blockers for Angina
Beta blockers block the effect of adrenaline on the heart, and reduce the risk of developing angina during periods of stress and exercise.

A stenosis is an abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel.

An artery is a blood vessel that carries oxygen-rich blood away from the heart, and to the tissues of the body.

Acute Coronary Syndrome
Acute coronary syndrome - ACS - is a spectrum of clinical disorders produced by the formation of blood clots within the coronary arteries.

Coronary Arteries
The coronary arteries supply oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle.

Plaques are deposits in the walls of arteries which consist of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and large cells called macrophages.

of or pertaining to the heart muscle

Atherosclerosis is a disease of the arteries which results in the formation of characteristic plaques in the walls of the arteries. Atherosclerotic plaques consist of deposits of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and large cells called macrophages.

Stable Angina
Stable angina occurs when there is a partial blockage in a coronary artery that prevents adequate blood flow to the heart muscle during periods of stress or exercise.

Angina is the name given to the symptoms, usually chest pain or chest discomfort, produced when the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen.

The New Way of Thinking About Coronary Artery Disease
Our thinking about Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) has changed over the past decade. This new thinking is important if you have or wish to avoid coronary artery disease.

Common Symptoms of Heart Disease
Key symptoms associated with heart disease.

Living With Coronary Artery Disease
Articles about the treatment of coronary artery disease

What is Heart Disease?
An overview of heart disease.

Ranexa (Ranolazine) for Angina and Heart Disease
Ranolazine appears to be safe in the treatment of angina

AHA Finally Endorses Calcium Scores
The American Heart Association finally recommends coronary artery calcium scores by CT scans for some

Noninvasive Testing for CAD
Should you have noninvasive screening for CAD?

Clopidogrel (Plavix) Not Helpful in Stable Coronary Disease
Clopidogrel (Plavix) was ineffective in stable coronary artery patients.

News From the American College of Cardiology Meetings
News from the 2006 ACC Scientific Sessions

Women and Coronary Artery Disease
Coronary artery disease in women is often "atypical."

EECP for angina
EECP for angina

Coronary Artery Disease - An Overview
An overview of coronary artery disease, its diagnosis and treatment

heart atttacks and chronic renal disease
A brief discussion of the relationship between heart attacks and kidney disease.

Ultrasound screening for heart disease
Ultrasound imaging of heart disease

The importance of EMS during a heart attack
Why it is important to call EMS if you think you might be having a heart attack

How I've changed after my heart attack
One man's story of changing after a heart attack.

Syndrome x in women
Cardiac syndrome x

Stem cell treatment after heart attack
Status of stemm cell therapy for heart attacks

Traveling and heart attacks
Traveling and heart attacks

Diagnosing microvascular angina
Diagnosing microvascular angina

Microvascular angina
Microvascular angina


David Letterman's heart disease
David Letterman's heart disease

Bill Clinton's heart disease
Bill Clinton's heart disease

Larry King's heart disease
Larry King's heart disease

Drew Carey's Heart Disease
Drew Carey's Heart Disease

Tim Russert's Heart Disease
Tim Russert's Heart Disease

What You Need To Know About Coronary Artery Disease
Sooner or later most of us will be affected by coronary artery disease (CAD), either in ourselves or in our loved ones. While CAD remains the number one killer in the developed world, getting good medical care can make all the difference. And getting good medical care means you need to know a lot about CAD. These articles will help you understand what CAD is, what kinds of problems it causes, how…

Endothelial Dysfunction
Endothelial dysfunction is the condition in which the endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels does not function normally.

Cardiac Complications of Kawasaki Disease
Kawasaki disease can produce both acute and chronic cardiac complications.

Understanding Prinzmetal's Angina
Prinzemetal's angina is chest pain caused by coronary artery spasm.

What Is The Best Diet After A Heart Attack?
Evidence suggests that if you have coronary artery disease, you should strongly consider following the Mediterranean diet.

Kidney Disease and the Heart
Kidney disease is associated with high cardiac risk. Here's what to do about it.

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer and the Heart
Following radiation therapy for breast cancer, the incidence of heart disease can increase

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Coronary Artery Disease
Rheumatoid arthritis increases the risk of coronary artery disease; but that risk can be reduced.

FAQ: What Is Hibernating Heart Muscle?

Can You Exercise "Too Much" After A Heart Attack?
Is it possible to be too dedicated to exercise after a heart attack?

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