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Cardiac Risk Factors in Women

There are some important differences in women's risk factors


Updated July 27, 2014

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The risk factors for cardiac disease are similar between men and women, but there are some important differences.

Click here for a general discussion of how cardiac risk factors in women differ from those in men.

Metabolic syndrome is a risk factor that is particularly common in post-menopausal women. Here is a discussion of metabolic syndrome.

Another risk factor especially important to women is the C-reactive protein (CRP) level. Here is a report on CRP in women. Here is a discussion of when you ought to have your CRP measured, and on what to do about CRP when it is elevated.

Two new studies have shown that hidden hypothyroidism (low thyroid) may be a risk factor in heart disease. Hypothyroidism is a common problem in women. Read here about subclinical hypothyroidism and heart disease.

Here is a Risk Factor Quiz especially for women.

And here are recent guidelines on preventing heart disease in women, discussing the risk factors that should be the major focus of preventative efforts.

For more general information on cardiac risk factors and how to manage them:

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