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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

From the article: Heart Palpitations
Palpitations can be an annoying and frightening symptom, and all too often the diagnosis takes longer than it should.

Readers always find it helpful to hear about the experiences of others who have been in the same boat. So tell us:

What turned out to be the cause of your palpitations?

How was the diagnosis finally made?

Did learning the diagnosis lead to effective treatment, or at least, relieve your worries?

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I dislike my palpitations very much !!

I so hate my palpitations. It's so scary! Sometimes I feel dizzy or like I can just pass out and go to bed. I just feel weird when I get my palpitations. Same here went to the ER twice they didn't find anything. Went to cardiology had a Echo done and that was normal. They said it's probably anxiety. But when I get my palps sometimes I'm not anxious, it just comes on all o f a sudden. I get the anxiety because I think I'm gonna die. I feel this is not normal,but what can you do if the doctors keep telling you that you are fine. I also feel food can be a trigger to. Usually when I eat carbs or sugary foods I feel palps and feeling faint.What the heck? I guess I need to eat veggies and water only. I feel anxious because the way I feel (yucky) and im not ready to die and leaving my kids. I love life but I know there is another life for us on the other side. It's good to share each other's stories on here. Thank you
—Guest Dayna

I'm not the only one-part 2

I wrote here a few days ago(title-I'm not the only one lol)and was waiting for my heart scan results to come back.......and its all clear!nothing wrong at all,according to the heart scan.gallbladder problems are in the family,and I didnt know they could cause really bad heart palps til my nan said...she felt the same as me,heart scan came back clear,had her gall bladder removed and has been fine ever since.still need to have more tests done,but I'm so glad the heart scan is clear.also had inflammation of the stomach lining and rib cartilage,so that could have contributed to it too.still get chest pains and feel dizzy,but feel a lot better after the results.good luck guys.wish you all well.heart palps are the scariest things EVER!
—Guest MissisG


Recently I went to the ER because my heart beat stop for couples of seconds. So the doctor to me I have anxiety.. He also recommend me with a cardiologist because of my palpation.. But months later I was exercising and I felt that my heart was going to stop it freak me out.. It sucks to have conditions and not enjoy everything
—Guest Dalia

Heart beating out of my chest

I occasionally out of the blue have incredibly hard fast beating of my heart. Drs say it's anxiety but this is different. When I have chest congestion sometimes like today I was just walking and coughed. This made my heart beat so fast if felt like it was beating out of my chest. I get dizzy and lightheaded as well as extremely weak feeling. I've had my heart checked but I'm always fine then . It scares me like I'm going to have a heart attack. I coukd imagine this is what one woukd feel like . After a few hours after I've rested I feel ok again. Does anyone know what this could be?
—Guest Rick

I have pvcs

im a 40 yr old female. i had an ablation done in 2003 for psvt. they told me i had 4 arrythmias and cud only burn 3 because the 1 was too close to mt natural pacemaker. for 11 years now, everything has been great with only occasional skipped beats usually around the time of my period. just this last week however, i have went to the er with multiple episodes of pvcs. i was afraid that i had developed a new arrythmia. they hooked me to the heart monitor and cud see that i was having them frequently. they say that its benign but i cant stand the feeling. i have read on here about the possibility of certain foods triggering them. i may need to start logging what i eat and see if i can determine the cause of these. they really paralyze me. im a mother of 4, homeschool, and also my husband and i pastor a church. i dont need this interruption to my life! thanks for the input everyone has shared.
—Guest stephanie

Stomach gas and palpitations

Yes, gas will cause your heart to beat faster. Watch what you eat and take gas-x for pretty guick releif...If it continues ask your doctor for a small dose of metoprolol, problem solved!
—Guest Donna West

I'm glad I'm not alone!

You know, after doing research and seeing that everyone is going through the same situation, it somehow makes it easier on my mind. I know when I had it happen to me the first time, It felt like someone just grabbed my heart and squeezed it really tight for a second, then after I stop and then Boom... a hard heartbeat occurs. Then it makes me feel all weird, almost like my heart wants to stop. Geez, I can't believe how this can happen. I play sports like almost every other day and well I don't eat too well, and I drink sometimes like 5 times a week (I go out with friends and have drinks) and when I do drink I smoke like a Bob marley concert (I mean Tobacco, not weed lol). Anyways, It happens like everyday now, used to be once in a long while, but I guess I'm stressed out way more and after reading, seems to be the MOST common trigger for it. Wish there was a cure to it. Anyways, it actually makes me feel better talking and sharing it with someone. email me: silvaconnection@gmail.com
—Guest Rook

Heart Palps

I always have a flutter everynow and then. I recently got engaged, trying to change careers fields, money is tight, and I have really bad acid reflux. Well, wouldn't you know it. I'm sitting here typing this to calm down and found that my heart palps have stopped for the few minutes. I think a lot has to do with stress, but excercise actually makes mine worse. I am a personal trainer and work out a lot which puts stress on my heart but in a good way. Plus with all the other added stress doesn't help. Acid reflux contributes also. Try burping or mimic the movement and stomach clenching to help. I haven't had palps in a few months but today has gotten to the point where it's been every few minutes. RELAX!!!
—Guest Robocop01

Heart palps

I'm a 63 year old female with heart palps. Been to emergency room twice in last 6 years. Last time about a year and a half ago. Heart rate was 230. Only have had one mild one since then which lasted approximately 5 minutes. I drank orange juice and ate cantaloupe (both high in potassium). I take advair for asthma which I found out can deplete potassium levels, not to mention it's a stimulant that causes heart palps. I was offered the ablation procedure after the last one after the ER and instead opted to up my diltiazem to 180mg. Seemed to do the trick. (So far). I will occasionally get a flutter when my husband stresses me (lol) or my stomach has an issue. Menopause had definitely made them occur more. All of us that experience these just need to be a little more aware of our diets and our lifestyle which is always a good thing anyway. My doc said some people are born with two pathways in their heart for blood to pump and sometimes decides to switch paths and cause palps
—Guest Carmela

I've had it all. !

I'm on a heart monitor as I type. Two weeks ago I was sick with a sinus problem. Three days into this problem my heart rate went to 155 and stayed there for three days. I was admitted to hospital briefly for tests, all were ok. My heart rate now seems very slow although I was not given meds, just the monitor which I'm to wear for 30 days. Prior to this episode I was working out at the gym 5 days a week, now I feel horrible and very weak and am not sure what's to blame, the heart rate problem or the sinus issue. My cardiologist didn't think it a big deal. I HAVE noticed that eating appears to trigger a change in heart rate. Sometimes worse than others. I've had palpitations, rapid pulse and slowed pulse and I'm on an anxiety medication. There are also times I can hear my pulse in my ears. I just keep thinking this can't all be from anxiety. If I'm anxious about anything I'm not aware of it.
—Guest Sarah


I have had palpitations since I was 10 know I'm 42 the doctor gave me nodon( nebivolo) the palpitation have gone,but when I stop palpitation stars again.
—Guest Stanley Mwanguku

I'm not the only one!!!

So glad i found this site,ive had really bad heart palpations since October,e.g.c scan showed a heart murmur and extra heart beat,due to my love of energy cans,ive given those up and am on a caffeine free diet which helped a LOT.had a weird feeling in my chest a few weeks ago which I could only describe as a bang-kind of like a firework going off in my chest?convinced it was a heart attack,go rushed into hospital,EGC scans,heart moniter,blood tests and chest X-ray all came back clear,yet I was still having heart palpations through out all these tests.been over the doctors numerous times when ive been having really bad heart palpitations,yet they said it sounds normal?nights are the worse,wake up to chest pain and heart palps,when I'm going back to sleep i jolt awake like ive stopped breathing.next day a constant pain in chest and back all day.so exhausted with it.have had a heart scan and am waiting for the results.heart palps are so scary
—Guest MissisT


I am 36, non-smoker, exercise, eat well and have been having palpitations regularly for three years. Although the worst of them began in a stressful time, now I am much less stressed but still get them. Sometimes just one minor palpitation but other times they can last hours and be really strong. There doesn't seem to be a trigger and I have been to several doctors and natural health professionals and had all the tests... Apparently I'm fine? They might be caused by neurological factors but nobody has been able to help yet. They can be terrifying and debilitating. When they are bad I feel like I have been hit by a truck and loose all energy and feel fuzzy in the head. I often ask myself what is wrong with me and I'm scared that one day a dr will discover a cause but it will be too late. Thinking of all my palpitation buddies out there and hoping that all of you find some relief... Let me know if you do...
—Guest Jane

Heart Palitation

I am 33 years old and about a month or so I started to feel that my heart was expolding or racing to fast. I feel palpitations in my thoart and upper tummy and i just dont understand why they happen. I wonder if this is dangerous and i should go see a doctor or go to the ER. Is it safe to fly on the plane feeling like this? Ijust hate this feeling please any suggestion will help. What should i do? Or is this normal i usually feel like this in the evening.
—Guest Olague-Oliver


Im 54 years old and palps have just started on me, I have read all the above and feel sad for all and hope mine goes away, off to cardiologist next week to get checked out and as a post bypass patient I was not expending this now to trouble me. Moleoboheng, you may only have low blood pressure you probably just need to get it checked by your GP
—Guest FJP

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