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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

From the article: Heart Palpitations
Palpitations can be an annoying and frightening symptom, and all too often the diagnosis takes longer than it should.

Readers always find it helpful to hear about the experiences of others who have been in the same boat. So tell us:

What turned out to be the cause of your palpitations?

How was the diagnosis finally made?

Did learning the diagnosis lead to effective treatment, or at least, relieve your worries?

NOTE:This is not an interactive comment section. If you'd like to participate in a real DISCUSSION about palpitations - or any other heart-related issue - please go to our (free) Forum.

heart feels like it stops for a second

I am having these feelings in my chest. It feels like my heart stops for a second then starts back. I feel my pulse and i can feel the missed beat this doesn't happen very often but when it does it stops or skips about 3 times in a 2 or 3 minute interval. I have suffered from panic attacks and gerd for the past 7 years. all er visits for heart are normal. I am 47 and under alot of stress could this have anything to do with it?

Palpitations since acquiring Lyme

Prior to May 2010 I had optimal health and instructed 8 fitness classes per week at our local country club that included pilates, weight resistance and high intensity spin classes. I also played competitive singles tennis locally and at state-wide USTA tennis championship. In the summer of 2010 I began a downward health spiral and experienced cardiac issues (Hypertension and Palpitations) as well as muscuskeletal and GI issues. Since a cardiologist attended my high intensity spin classes that I instructed, the cardiologist felt it was unusual that I was experiencing cardiac issues. A heart study revealed a healthy heart and I was prescribed a low dosage BP medicine to help control my sporadic BP issues. In September 2010 I was correctly diagnosed with Lyme disease (five months after acquiring my mystery summer illness in May 2010). I am currently in a slow recovery process for Lyme Borreliosis complex disease which is the probable cause for my sporadic BP and heart palpitation issues.

Free from all

2months back suffered from anxiety my reaction was horrible i used to think why only i got anxiety and was very nervous and stressed but soon started noticing that when i am nervous and stressed it was affecting me a lot heart palpitations panic attacks horrible sleeping at night but i thought i have to fight anxiety and take it as a challenge to throw away and i succeeded now i am happy doing my work as was as earlier enjoying with friends..
—Guest Success man

Asd and palps

Hi, I had a normal childhood never felt sick as such when I was 20 I started experiencing the episodes eventually I got diagnosed with arterial septal defect, Its only been 4 months since I had my open heart surgery for the closure. In 22 now, I'm very worried as I still experience the episodes is this normal? Anyone had an sad closure or have any thing similar to share with me?
—Guest Heart girl

Heart paplps and the vagus nerve

I don’t know how many of you know about the relationship between palpitations, arrhythmias, and the vagus nerve. Apparently it plays a significant factor in the cause of benign palps. I found this article so comforting I wanted to share it with the forum. http://heart4pvc.webs.com/letterfrommd.htm
—Guest travis

Glass of wine helps

First started to suffer with palps when I was in my 20's, but not often, but over the last 3 years (now 60) have suffered more often, I have had all the test and no high blood pressure, no signs of heart problems, actually in good health, but still suffer with this very frightening thing, usually wake in the middle of the night with attacks, so thinking it is my diet, but then I don't eat fats or over eat, but do notice during attacks I go to the loo more often and just recently I am having palps on and off during the day, which has never happened before, I find a glass of white wine stops them fast, but can't keep doing this, as not a drinker, but why does this stop them and what else can I do other than have a glass of wine ? and why it is happening ?
—Guest Collie

heart thumps

Hi everyone ive been haveing this feeling from my heart it feels like my heart stops and i feel like im going to pass out or faint. Ive been getting these things for about a year and a half now im only 20 i got an ekg done but they found nothing im worryed about this and it scares me.. i read. alot about what you all posted and it. makes me feel alittle better that im. not the onthere out there
—Guest worried

How to stop them???

Hi, I Have had palpatations for many years. Usually under control, I would have maybe oneor two a day. Then last year I had a day where I had them every few minutes! It was horrible! Went to ER and they said I was OK, just stress. Gave me a pill andprescription. I ws OK for a while and found out how Magnesium helps. Been taking it and it worked. Had another expisode last thursday and it has been going on for almost a week. I took a muscle relaxer but only helped a little. this is driving me nuts. I hate it. Been exercigins and doing deep breathing too. Wish there was a way to get rid of this horrible thing. Any one have any other suggestions?? Thanks
—Guest G Lynn

Palps dangerous

Ok... i know this says something different. But are they dangerous are not? I found this article which made me feel more comfortable. http://heart4pvc.webs.com/palpitations.htm
—Guest ed

svt, before and after surgery

Svt has effected me adversely since i was 13 years old. It proggressively got worse as i got older, and it really started to scare me, as my rapid heart beat could last for more than an hour and i would feel really exhausted the day after, which effected my ability to perform tasks. I decided to go to the doctor and try to get to the bottom of why i was getting heart palps. I had a monitor put on me for 24 hours, but the svt didnt happen in this time, so the doc told me the best way to diagnose was for me to go to the hospital and get monitored while i was having an episode. So thats what i did. My heart rate was at 230 beats per minute and i was diagnosed with svt. I had the choice of meds or surgery. I took the surgery and it was a success. I highly recommend it. My quality of life has been much better since. It has been more than a year since the surgery now and last week i started to get some skipped beat feelings. It has been happening often ever since then, hope it goes away:(
—Guest chris

Same thing

It is really nice to be able to read everyone's responses and know this is "normal". Like everyone else, I hate the feeling. Mine is usually the skip beat followed by on hard beat. Happens all day at varying frequency. It is almost always accompanied by gastro-intestinal discomfort and I can actually hear the gas bubbling in my abdomen. I have found that cutting the caffeine and usually taking a treatment of prilosec helps eliminate symptoms, but may take a few days.
—Guest dwell

Supraventricular Tachycardia or SVT

I started having palpitations, going up to 190 bps, in 2007. At the initial stage, I had it almost everyday. I was given betablockers which did not help at all, then diltiazem with lanoxin and ISMN. My palpitations usually lasted on the average about 9 hours (the maximum is 24 hours). I found out that it is related to any discomfort in my stomach and my throat. It happens when I am tired or stressed. I have learned to live with it and sleep it away and waking up it's gone. Sometimes, it does not so I go to the ER and get IVs of adenosine or verapamil. I was scared at first but now I take it for granted and carry on with my normal life. By the way, the betablockers caused my BPs to be low. When I dive down to 70/40, I get the pads to restore my rhythm.
—Guest Antonio

I think palpitations are a Gas

I've suffered from palpitations for over 45 years. I am now 75. What I have found out what causes extra beats is gas builds up in the stomach and presses against the heart and it irritates it and until a person relaxes and expels the gas you will find that eventualy the palpitations will subside. Yes when you first get palpitations they are very frighteing and you feel as though you are going to have a heart attack but fear not the extra beats are frightening but they will not kill you. Pepto Bismol or Maalox helps or a few glasses of wine helps you forget the palpitations. Good Luck.
—Guest Buster

anxiety-panic attacks

I'm 16 years of age and i have been having palpitations for at least several months now ive seen doctor, been rushed to a&e a couple of times and had and ecg test done. I have learnt it probably is all in my head and anxiety but it scares me i worry about everythong and anything now at an age of 16!
—Guest skits


After 10yrs and numerous tests, one emergency Dr. decided to have me wear a 24hr heart monitor. Turns out my heart flatlined three times in the twenty four hours. Emergency surgery for a pacemaker! what a trip. It's been a month since surgery and no more heart racing/dizziness or fainting spells.
—Guest ItsMeSara

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