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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

Extremely worried

After reading about other's experience's, I know im not alone, I also get these palpitations, feel dizzy then tired. It has become more frequent, have an appointment next week, if i can manage til then, wonder how that will go.
—Guest Sam


Hii i am a 23 year old boy. I had palpitation last year in june 2009. It took about 18 hours to recover from it. My heart beat was pounding very fast for these 18 hours. I was admitted in the hospital and after discharging my doctor told me the chance of stroke and all. But at these times i was not having any discomfort like breathing problem, drouziness etc. And also my doctor told me that i am not allowed to drink alcohol. And after all i got the same problem after 1yearand it lasted only for 1 minute. But after all i am getting a skipped beat or pounding heart very often say 5 - 6 times a week.
—Guest Deep


hi,, ever now and hen i feel my heart is racing and thats while im standing still,, im under a lot of stress and i guess thats why i feel tired and my heart muscle acutally feels sore at times if that makes any sence,,,,
—Guest mary

PVC's affecting Vagus Nerve

I have GERD, I was not taking my meds like I should, I smoke as well. I noticed heart palps about 2 years ago. They only occur when I drink caffeine, eat spicy foods, or large meals, or when I'm stressed. My brother in law is a Dr, and he says it makes sense that when you have heartburn (from my GERD) that it will "press" on the vagus nerve and cause PVCs or PACs. Not to be graphic, but if you've ever heard of someone having a heart attack while straining to have a bowel movement, well that's the nerve they hit. So, I just cut out my caffeine, try to eat smaller meals, DO NOT lay down 30 min after meals, prop at least 2 pillows under my head at night and try to remember to take my meds....it helps! It is very scary, but I'm sure the diet, habits and lifestyles we live contribute to this. Oh, I also have anxiety as well and that surely doesn't help the vicious cycle!! Good luck to all, I hope this helps and it's good to see I'm not alone.
—Guest Veronica

heart flutters

Im 30 yrs old. I started getting palpitations when i was 23. I was very active back then...Think the cause of mine was from diet pills that i was taking. I have went to the er before on it back then and they did ekg which turned out fine. They put me on a beta blocker..propanolol..which i took for a few years. It seemed like it helped alittle. I have noticed when i get these "attacks" is when i eat spicy foods, alot of sweets, especially chocolate and caffeine drinks. SOOO i have eliminated as much as possible all the caffeine and chocolate as possibile. Sometimes they come on anyways. I will get that flutter when im nervous, or when im sittin still. When they happen they are over with b4 u know it. I do get alitlle anxiety after it happens cuz i always think im gonna die. But...they havent got any worse in the 7 years. I am 4 months prego now..they do occur more often. Im so glad to have found this website, it helps me deal with them better knowing im not the only one!


I started having heart palpatations when I was 18 my senior year in high school. I'm now 21 and I still have them. I can go for months without any palps and then i'll get them for a period of weeks or so. I've been to the top cardiologists for Heart Arythma. A specialist at the Froedert Medical College of Wisconsin.. I've had numerous EKG's, Echo's stress test and now I am having a MRI and another stress test to recheck everything. My doctor says as a precaution but I'm terrified I'm going to drop dead. My doctor told me he believes I will live to be an old lady. I hope so!! But I still worry every day I get them. I have been checked out by numerous numerous doctors and I try to tell myself I should believe in my doctor that has many years of experience at such a great hospital. Wish I could Stop worrying!!!!!!! :(
—Guest MJ

heart skips?

I'm 35 old male and just in the last year and a half been experiancing heart beat skips or pauseing not sure,comes and goes but last 2 weeks it's happened quite a bit.About 6 months ago I got hooked to a ekg I think for about 5 min nothing was caught, blood pressure was great what should I do and does this sound right?
—Guest troy lockwood

Many,many years with palpitations

My palpitations began when I was 25 and I am 64. Like most of you I've been to several doctors and had all kinds of test, but to no avail. At this point they seem to be worse. I have a great deal of gastric disturbances which I believe to be the culprit. I haven't given up, hopefully I will overcome it.
—Guest Jim


I smoke heavily, im 28, i do stress, and rarely relax. I too suffer from these palps at random. Ive had all the tests, the dr who carried out my heart ultra sound even asked if i was an athlete( it appeared super fit he claimed). Ban caffine, coke, pepsi, redbull and pick me up drinks. They are poison and will kill u faster than tobacco smoke ever could. Im currently on a half dose of noten wich was reduced to the current half dose by my dr as i suffered headache on the full tablet dose. At current, the attacks are rarer but still felt faintly daily. Im booked in to a heart specialist as we speak, it will b interesting to see whats uncovered. In the end, i do smoke too much and i blame that. My dr claims it is not smoking related. I do not and never have taken drugs. Perhaps other ppl on here could paint a clearer picture of their bad habits in the hope we may see a patern amongst us all. Cheers-A.sharp.
—Guest Amsharps


For about 8 months now ive had these "skipped heart beats". It is a very unpleasant feeling. I don't know what the cause of this is. Shortly after I felt my first "skipped heart beat", I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. I stay away from certain drinks that may cause these "skipped hearr beats". I used to smoke marijuana, tobacco and drink alcohol for almost 10 years. Even after giving all that up, developed better eating habbits and exercising as often as I can, I still get these "skipped heart beats". Does me having anxiety disorder, trigger these palpitaions or vice versa?
—Guest Dustin Martinez

No results

I am 24 years old and out of the blue started having heart palpitations for 5 days straight never stopping. On the 5th day I was referred to a cardiologist where they did an EKG, EKO and then placed a halter on me to monitor me for the next 24 hours. I was given a follow up appointment 1 week later to go over the results. At the results appt they told me nothing, did all the tests over again, still told me nothing and then ordered a TEE and MRI and wouldn't tell me why. It has been weeks now and I'm still having the palpitations off and on yet the cardiologists office don't seem to be concerned because I have not had the additional tests done and they are not calling me at all. I'm furious that they won't tell me what they found and that it seems like there is no answer but they want to charge me more money to run more tests.
—Guest No results


I've had palpitations off and on for a few years now. Sometimes they aren't so bad, sometimes they keep me up for hours on end at night. My PCP is always telling me 'its just anxiety, they will go away' but not really figuring out what is wrong with me. I finally had it and went to an Urgent Care center here with a doc I think is just super. She ordered plenty of labs, my 4th ECG (all normal), and an event monitor since they NEVER show up when in the moment. I've been wearing it for three days now, and several readings I've captured have been sent to the medical place that analyzes them. The idea is great, however when you press record, it squeals like a fax machine with your heart beat, so you really cant do it 'anytime' you sense one. Luckily mine are mostly at night. I see on here that everyone has them, but never really any answers to what the cause was. Hope to be able to post again soon with a potential solution, or at least diagog you can share with your doc.
—Guest Aces

heart pulpations

i keep havig pupltations, im 16 years old. The doctor seems to think its over stress and then i panic myself making them worse. Ive been into hospital a few times coz of it. It is really scary as it only happens to me when im in bed, Im waiting for some results, ive had blood results done and one of them came back a little bit high, and ive had a heart montior on and waiting for them results. But everytime ive been to hosp they say my heart is fine, although it feels like its going to beat out of my chest. But the doctor said this is because i am worrying and getting mysef upset thinking bad things are going to happen and then having a panic attack. I no where all you guys ae coming from its really scary!!! They also say i might not have enough iron in my body. It only come on laterly, ive ever had anything like this before, but had suffered from depression an axienty so it might be this. Hope everybody gets things sorted
—Guest megan

Heart Palpatations

I have had heart palpatations off and on for about 12 years( I am 33 now). I have seen two different Cardiologist and went through many EKGs, Blood work, 24 hr monito, 30 day monitor, and a stress test. Everything came back normal or nothing to be concerned with. It is very scary and I have even got to the point where I did not leave the house for months. I am wondering if it is my indigestion issues that is causing this. It happens a lot when I eat certain things or trying to lay down to go to sleep. The Cardiologist told her that if you do not have any other symptoms that it is ok.. This still stops me from doing things that I would like to do because I am scared. Glad to know that I am not alone.
—Guest Meme

Annoying Palps!

I'm 33 - been having palpitations since I was 25. Within the last few years these have gotten worse. I stopped eating beef for awhile and then decided to go to a BBQ. That night I thought my heart was going to explode. Strange things like what I eat or caffeine will trigger an episode. I've been through all the tests - EKG, 24 heart monitor, stress test and blood work - my cardiologist never provided me with the results after several phone calls (should this not be illegal). I also found out that my Dad and my aunts and uncles suffer from this too. I feel a little better knowing that it's hereditary, but can't help but freak out thinking that I might just be ignoring a more serious issue. My doc (not the cardiologist) mentioned that dehydration can trigger palps too. It's scary, but manageable. I just hope they don't get any worse than this!
—Guest Elizabeth

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