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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

Food and drink are the cause for me

After having had palpitations for several weeks it dawned on me that it was most noticeable just after lunch - and my large coffee. Cut out coffee entirely from my diet and palpitations pretty much disappeared completely after a few weeks. Just reminded of them after a bad night suffering trapped wind and palpitations after consuming a lot of junk food. Trapped wind appears to be a pretty common cause of palpitations reported by many others, although ridiculed by most doctors apparently...
—Guest mike77

Searching high and low

It is amazing when life changes at 40. I have been having heart racing episodes on and off for a year and a half . I had a yogurt and granola breakfast today and it happened again. I am beginning to think it might be a reaction to dairy . Allergic reactions can show up in different manners. Hormones also play a HUGE role in all the weirdness that us going on. Our society has also driven itself to near extinction (just kidding) from all the stress . Infertility rates have shot way up along with ADD and prescriptions for anti-depressants. I also have wondered how many people have these issues from their teeth. Amalgam fillings poison your system and can manifest into different health problems. Well, I will keep searching for answers. I have been eating snout 50 raw and almost vegetarian, occasional chicken. Also, our Beaty products have a lot of crud in them, even deodorant is bad if it has aluminum in it. So many things to learn. Have a blessed day and good luck
—Guest Guest


Ive had these palputaions for years and they hurt when my heart has them. I'm asking my doctor to look inside my heart to make sure theres nothing going on, I've noticed that when I eat a full meal they are worse. My heart will sometime flutter or skip a beat. It's really scary, one year I was rushed to the hospital 23 times. It was hurting my heart when having them but they did different test and figured everything was okay. I hate these palpitations and I sure wish we had a way to end them with hurting our hearts.
—Guest PacerJames

Cold Weather and Excercise

Since it got cold I have noticed that when I ride my bike, a get a feeling like my stomach is full of air. This leads to quivering of my diaphram, and this causes heart palpitations. It was quite worrying since the elevated heart rate persisted even after I stopped riding. Then I had a brief dizzy spell. I bought some hot tea, and drank it as quickly as I could, and that helped. I was able to complete my journey slowly with no more symptoms. I have had a feeling before like my stomach is being push up into my throat. It is possible that I have a hiatus hernia and the cold air causes in to spasm into the vegas nerve. I had a similar problem a few years ago and it cleared up on its own. I hope this helps.
—Guest Londoner


The Palpitations that I am having have been om and off for about 15-20 years but never seemed to be bothersome until this last few years. I always just ignored it but this last few years I have had episodes where it seemed to skip or flutter then this real hard beat but it would happen once like that then stop. Then this last year especially lately it has happened more frequently and longer episodes and have been a few times to the E.R with no other results then it doesnt seem to be life threatning but the misfires were noticed. My doctor put me on a beta blocker which seemed to help a few weeks ago but now it seems like they are back especially when I due something extrenious. Whats going on? getting so frustrated with no answers and so scared something is very wrong. I will be doing what the article says and finding a new doctor and make sure of the tests to find out what the underlying problem is. Cant live like this I have an almost 4 yr old and an older disabled child
—Guest Ann

Tachicardia (PAT) & Palpitation

I had PAT, rapid heart beat since I was 18 when I was in the Army in 1950 in the Korean War and the doctor told me it is for life. But, it stopped after around 20 years after many episodes. The treatment was indural and later to immerse your face in ice cold water in ice by holding your breath as long as possible. I now came up with palpitation 2 years ago, I am 84 years old. I also experience skipping or pre-mature hear beat. Doctor says it is benign. however it is very uncomfortable and come very frequently. It can also be triggered by gassy stomach and even when just resting or sleeping. Yes, it is somewhat debilitating. PS sorry if the words are misspelled.
—Guest Guest Jay


I am 27,I have had palputations for about 4 years, I have done every kind of testing and never got a complete answer back from docs but they said everything seemed fine, one cardiologist told me he believes I have a food sensetivity and I must figure it out to get relief, so i avoided wheat and gluten and sugar and I got to feelin pretty good then I added wheat and gluten to my diet again and the palputations occoured again, so I now avoid them at all costs and I do feel complete again, but on occasion beef and dairy products will affect me badly too, so I would try avoiding some foods and see how you can make yourself feel better again. Always take a multivitamin! Becareful of added food colors like red 40 and chemicals like Titanium Dioxcide even in bady care items.
—Guest Niki

What happens in the vagus....

Don't know if I posted this before here, but I strongly believe my palpitations are related to the fact that my vagus nerve, which runs through the vertebra (in my case the cervical) is blocked from regulating heartbeat after being over-stimulated if I have msg, used nose spray with epinephrine, or caffein. It usually happens when I turn my head to the left, or straight back, and have inflammation of the neck. I have arthritis from an old ski accident and can always feel the stiffness there, which if inflamed can block the vagus nerve. I can always trace the palps back to that so I'm very careful about what I eat when dining out.


I've had palpitations since I was 14 years old. I would be just sitting on the couch watching TV and my heart would start beating in my ears. I would take deep breaths and finally it waould go away. I would always check on the doctors office sheets having palp. No, doctor has ever asked me about them. I believe they come from lack of calcium, and magnesium, plus and stress. I have noticed certin meds causes palpitations. When I lay on my right side my heart tends to beat out of my chest. Just been dealing with this for 22 years. Tums help.
—Guest Sherry

Thyroid/ Heart palpitations

I've been having heart palpitations all day today.. I go see my Doc. tommorrow they have done EKG and the 24 hr heart monitor..I don't feel good and i'm in my mid 40s..They always have to check my blood cause they never seem to get my Thyroid medication right and i'm allerg to the dye in the medication.. My heart races to much and i'm scared
—Guest guest so. Cali


my cardio dr checked and found my potassium level was low; now that i take potassium supplements hardly have any palps unless i forget to take potassium

Palpitations Thyroid

I've been having palpitations for a few years. I'm post menopausal and am wondering if there is a connection between hormonal imbalance and also a thyroid connection since I've been checked by a cardiologist and nothing was found to be causing them. I take 25 mg of Toprol daily and have been losing my hair. I asked my cardiologist to order a Thyroid panel but he refuses, stating that he doesn't have a "code" for that. Isn't that a bit unusual? Have you other 'older' women experienced hair loss, palpitations, and other symptoms during your menopausal years? I do not like taking prescription meds and would prefer to take supplements and diet and exercise to control health issues. If anyone is having success with that route please share your stories.

Palps since the age of 15

they are worse with stress, but had them come and go for the past few weeks. driving me insane. been to e.r twice for it to no avail apart from the ecg showing my left ventricle firing oddly. Mildly low potassium levels too, corrected with meds. while i was taking them the palps stopped. now i run out of tabs they are back. get your potassium and magnesium levels checked, both nutirents regulate the heartbeat. I am overly conscious of them when i sit still or ready for sleep, they thump, pause, make my head spin, almost black out. Going for halter monitor soon. The thumps and head spins make me freak out more andmore as time goes on, even if i know im probably safe.
—Guest Rachel

Annoying Heart Palpitation

I had an episode of heart palpitation that got to my head and sometimes had a hard time get a sleep. My Dr. subjected me to an electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse rate and blood pressure, to test my condition, all turned out normal. Being adventurous, I tried to increase my jogging milage (and would even do some running) to test if would have any manifestation of heart problem. But there seems to be nothing wrong, no breathing problem or chest pain. But this palpitation thing is bothersome. I tried taking aspirin on Dr's advise but there was no relief. In fact, am stopping to take them. Am trying to improve my stress management thing to get this out of my head. I am finding strenght from contributors in this column. I am 56 years and continue to maintain my good health habits, more liquids, fruits, vegetables and in the meantime cut down on fatty foods - to isolate this bad feelings of "palpitation".
—Guest Jimmy

Ablation Surgery

I first had SVT at age 12 and lived with it until I was 42. It could be pretty severe: it would rock my whole body sometimes; once it went on for 5 hours at 245bpm; most times I had to lie down until it stopped (pretty inconvenient). I had ablation surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. Most of the time we're thankful for what we have in life, but I'm thankful that I no longer have to live with tachycardia.
—Guest Janet

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