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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009


ive had palps on and off over the years i use to get them when i had panic attacks no i have stopped havin panic attacks and have been getting them sometimes nearly everyday which is why i went to my gp i was given a ecg and told i have a very stronger heart still having them i was the given a blood test and found out i got high cholestral now i am off to hospital soon to have a device fitted to me to monitor my palps i gotta wear it for 24 hrs then go back to hospital to see if the can determin the cause but as the doctor told me sum people get them athletic people and u gotta just put up with them but in my case having high colesrtal could be the cause of them who know well will see
—Guest leanne


I have had puls for nearly 5 years. At first I only got pulps while sleeping. I could generally contribute it to - too much caffeine, alcohol or a severe argument with my ex. Now that I have split with the ex and watch my alcohol/coffee I rarely get them. A bad dream is usually the culprit these days. I continually try to avoid stress and this works for me
—Guest Guest D


My palpitations turned out to be premature ventricular complex (trigemini; ocurring every third beat during an episode). The cardiologist said it was likely caused by microscopic lesions (scars) in my heart muscle...due to aging. Switching to a beta blocker stopped them for two weeks and then they came back worse than ever. Taking a lot of fish oil pretty much stopped them in seven weeks and has worked for two years so far. Worth a try.

Just started

I am a 46 year old female in good health. I just started having palpatations this weekend. I was trying to sleep and they kept me awake all night. I was having about 5 - 6 per minute. I finally went to the ER the following day and they did an EKG and blood work. I had an abnormal EKG due to a coronary annomoly (I have only one cororny artery) which was just discovered this past March. However, this is not the cause of the palps. My blood work came back normal so the ER Dr told me to cut out the caffiene and sugar and quit smoking, which I need to do anyhow because of the annomoly. I went home and was back in the ER 10 hrs later because I was having pain with the palps and they were very intense and frequent, 10 in less than a minute. Again, they said cut out caffiene and smoking and sent me home. I went to my cardiolgist this morning and I have to have a halter monitor for 24 hrs. Dr said more than 10,000 in 24 hrs is dangerous. We will see what turns up but I say its close.
—Guest Marcy

heart palpitations

ive been haveing heart palpitatations for a long time my heart feels like it flipping in my chest and i bec0me dizzy and tired this will go on for about a hour then i feel fine this accures atleast 1a day everytime i go to the er they do labs and ekgs and they say im fine
—Guest mike

Wow ~!

Reading responses actually helped me. I am 42, healthy weight all my life, never a smoker. Developed PVC's 5 mo ago and it hit hard out of the blue. The usual pounding, thumping, skipping...was out of town and thought I was seriously having heart issues to the point I should consider going to ER. I didn't but made Cardiologist appt. ECG - nothing showed. Holter moniter caught it but nothing alarmed the doctor. Recommended beta-blocker to which I passed due to my very low BP and pulse rates. Okay ~ sounds strange but I went to an acupuncture Chinese doctor. Two sessions it was gone for 3 months! yea. Just started palpitating last week again and have another appt with my Chinese Dr. for acupuncture. I know it sounds strange, but I'd recommend it. Best wishes.
—Guest Faye Laurel

MSG the likely cause

I am a 65 year old male distance runner and cross train (weight training). PVC's came on suddenly. I had been using a different brand of protein supplement. It said, no MSG, but glutamatic acid comes in many forms. 24 hour Holter showed over 5,000 in a 24 hour period.(85,000 beats total) I have a resting heart rate of 45, so they were very noticeable. After 2 months I figured the new thing in my life was the MSG. I became very careful and went through every food product in the pantry and freezer. After a few days of a 100% MSG free diet (remember it comes in many many forms) the PVC's were completely abolished. I never had them while exercising, only at rest. That was the clue. My echo showed "mild MVP", and no LVH. One PVC showed up on the EKG.
—Guest tom

Heart palpitations

i have them everyday .. i counted on thursday that i had 55-60 of them .. im being sent off for blood tests and an ecg .. i have anxiety quite badly and my doctor says it could be related to this but im really worried because even when i feel relaxed im still getting them ..
—Guest Kat

29 Year Old: Palpitations for 16 Years

I've had palpitations since 1994, and they would randomly occur during times of strenuous activity and usually would be after I had consumer a caffeinated drink. Today the palpitations are triggered by stress, lack of sleep, and overuse of alcohol... on occasion. I'm still very physically active. I've had EKGs and Echocardiograms and the doctors have continued to clear me to lead a normal life. My last round of test was about 5 years ago. I occassionaly get a fluttering feeling, but I haven't had a rapid heartbeat episode in 2 years.. I'm borderline hypochondriac, so I still get very worried and I always have feared I have a-fib. I do not get light-headed, dizzy, chest discomfort etc. My point in writing was to ask if this sounds like basic palpitations or a-fib. And also to tell people that if you can control your triggers, you can live your life normally!
—Guest Pete

this article worries people needlessly

Most "palpitations" are entirely benign. This article has an alarmist tone that will worry people who should NOT be worried. In an average day, the average person has any number of "skipped beats" (actually they're extra beats), where he or she is aware of it or not, and in an otherwise healthy individual these are absolutely no cause for concern. In fact, studies of highly trained athletes appear to suggest that people who GET palpitations have less heart disease than people who DON'T get palpitations. It is also important to recognize that the heart has redundant systems that in almost all cases will work hard to restore a normal beat to a heart that has begun to palpitate. However, all people who experience PVCs should get a medical work-up. In the presence of underlying heart disease, PVCs and other erratic beating patterns may be more serious. Other than that, just ignore them and live your life.
—Guest PVC guy

not in my head

16 years of palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain...7 drs have diagnosed me with anxiety, drug abuse, anorexia, mvp, murmur, acid reflux, attention seeking...I quit trying to find an answer. A few months ago my husband asked me to try once more and got me an appt with an electrophysiologist. He saw me twice before he scheduled me for an EP Study. Had the study this past wed and turns out I had not one but two different svts that NEVER showed up on moniters. He was able to do ablation on one and will be controlling the other thru meds. What a relief to finally have a dr listen and find the problem after so many years...I recommend seeing a cardiologist/electrophysiologist if others won't listen...
—Guest Marsha

Started a Few months ago

I first noticed about 4 months ago that I was having heart palpitations, and tightness of the chest. Went to the Dr's office as well as the er and the ecg test was normal and they diagnosed it as anxiety attacks. Although this can be true since i am under a lot of stress from losing my job and unsuccessful job searches. Now I'm a little concern because it seems to be happening at night when trying to sleep now. the tightness of thee chest went away, just the annoying heart palpitations. I'm praying that it's nothing and it will go away with changes of my diet and excercise.
—Guest Henderson


I'm a 56 year old female who has high blood pressure. Recently i had 5 episodes of lightheadedness,a burning sensation in my chest and throat that seems to last for just a few seconds back to back .My Dr. did a EKG and sent me straight to the emergency room. They hooked me to monitor my heart rate was at 190. I spent 5 days in the hospital on a halter monitor. They performed a Cardiac stress test,2D echo,EKG,EEG,Cat scan of the head,Xray c- spine,Carotid duplex scan. Through all of this they didn't find anything. I still feel a nervous like this will happen again. I had a lot going on lately, and Im a little overweight .It might just be stress.
—Guest Michele Robinson

palpitation due to hypoadrenalism

I have had treatment-resistant hypothyroidism for at least 26 years. The resistance has been due to multiple causes. When I recently tried to raise my T4 dose from 75mcg to 87mcg, my heart began frightening palpitations. It felt like a combination of fibrillation, missed beats, and hard pounding. I already knew adrenal insufficiency could cause this, so I tried taking 10mg hydrocortisone (cortisol replacement) with my morning thyroid. That squashed the palpitation problem.
—Guest Edward Arnold

Won't go away

These palpitations which feel like my heart stops, then thumps hard, causing pressure in my head and throat, seem to be mire intense lately. I'm sure it is stress induced. I did the whole stress test and holter monitor, and my heart is fine. I was prescribed a beta blocker, which I never filled. I found a website, Dr Lam, I can't remember the name if the site, but google, anxiety, and dr lam. He has a whole diet written out that I'm trying to follow which may help, I hope. Drinking a lot of water, and staying away from certain fruits are some if his suggestions. I hope it will help you too.
—Guest lollipopluv

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