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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009


I think they are palpitations,it happens mainly when trying to sleep at night very strong heart beat and a type of futtering which can keep me awake for hours. It seems to be getting more regular. I am 57 years.
—Guest Julie Bracey

my experience

i have had palpations for years had them checked a couple of years ago and tests came back normal, the last 2 weeks they have been full on like every second of the day, i went to the hospital and had a heap of tests done and i have just been diagnosed with wolff-parkinson syndrome i have to go to a cardioligist next week to see what they are going to do, i am so frightened about this,as i dont know much about the disease, i am 34 with 4 children, i recommened if you are worried to go and have it checked out.
—Guest linda


I had palpitations off and on over a couple of years and ignored them because thought due to menopause. Turned out to be due to Atrial Fibrillation with a very rapid heart rate (160) when I finally went to Dr. Bottom line - don't ignore your palpitations! Now I have right side heart enlargement. On meds to lower heart rate but still having trouble getting it under control.
—Guest Dianne


I have had palpitations since I was 18 and have had several EKG s done and everything us fine I thought a doctor had found the cause when I was diagnosed with MVP but I had a Eco done and it show that there was not a valve problem. I can go weeks without a palpations then some times I will have like 30 a day for a week or two at the time. It can be very scarey! I try to ignore them most if the time but when they come on strong for a week or more at the time it gets hard to deal with. I am ready to give up on a answer!!! I have tried for over 14 years to find out what's going on. I don't smoke, I have quit all forms of caffeine and stimulates even cut out all msg products to see if it would help but instead it's the same! The latest thing was a holter monitor I wore for 24 hours that captured pvcs which I didn't feel. It is annoying to know u are fine when they monitor u but as soon as they quit it starts! My worse fear is having a problems and it not being found till it's to late!
—Guest Charity

Ms. B

I have heart palpatations almost regularly. I thought it was because of menopause of which I should have by now. I could be getting out of bed, or standing from sitting and definitely on the treadmill. Most of the time I don't have to be active for it to happen. Could this be menopause?
—Guest Belinda


I had been experiencing palpitations for some time and was extremely frightened and attended a&e on a number of occasions believing I was having a heart attack! Suffice to say I wasn't and after going to my GP it was revealed that my palpitations were caused by anxiety. Which explains alot as I had been very anxious and of course the more I worried about the palpitations the worse they got, it was a vicious circle. I am now taking a beta blocker bisolprolol 7.5mg daily, which has helped alot but I still do get palpitations. Thankfully I have learned to live with them and I am no longer frightened, my heart is perfectly healthy and I have had my palpitations for nearly 2 years now. Hope this puts some people's mind at rest, because I know I did get very worked up about them and was convinced I was going to drop dead.
—Guest Twentysomething

Palpitations Scary

I have suffered from an anxiety disorder for 10 years now. Recently when life became more stressful I decided to go back on medication (citalopram) I only take 10mg. This has totally helped with anxiety and panic however I have been experiencing palpitations now and mostly I ignore them because they dont last more than a minute at a time. This morning however, I woke up at 4am with palpitations lasting 15 minutes straight! no other symptoms were present but i was scared and going to go to the ER. I started to panic and walk around gathering clothes and what not and called my BF. I think that me moving around and getting my heart rate up popped my heart back into the right rhythm because it finally stopped. when i googled my symptoms it seems that I am in no immediate danger. Also I feel like I am fighting off the flu and I had a couple of alcoholic beverages before bed, other things that may have contributed to such a long palpitation
—Guest Guest Female

heart palpitations

I've had these palpitations for around 2 years and I am 28 years old. When they first started, I was on a birth control pill.. my doctor told me to stop taking it and see what happened and the palps stopped.. I am now back on a different kind of birth control and have noticed the palps are back. They don't scare me as much as they used to.. sometimes it is a fluttering and sometimes just feels like a pounding heartbeat. It has been going on almost constantly for about five days now. I do workout everyday and have been very stressed lately..wondering if that's why they've gotten worse. I think I may check with the doctor.
—Guest Nichelle

My experience

I read this article because I think I have experienced heart palpitations.I am unsure and would like clarification.I am pretty sure I don't have an arrythmia of any sort.in physical education class we run miles,cross countries,and I have noticed that when I am finished running,and breathing hard,my heart sometimes,not always,beats so hard,almost throbs,for a beat,then a tiny beat is followed.it repeats for probably five more beats and then ceases.this has me worried because it only happens after I run hard.could this possibly be a heart palpitation and what could be causing it?also,my family has a history of high blood pressure and some cases of cancer if that helps.thank you.
—Guest Jasmine Garcia


i have palpitaions a couple times a week or more. Most of the time i am in a relaxed state, laying watching tv or sitting in a chair. but sometimes i am working hard on moving boxes or doing house work. i have shortness of breath when doing housework or walking to the neighbors house i am 55 ibs over weight so i figured that is the reason for these things. i used to smoke but have been smoke free for almost 10 years and even before that had a cig or two in one day for that whole time never a strong smoker. my dad died of large cell lymphoma lived with it for 20 years then passed so having these symptoms is now scaring me since i am only 35 years old. what should i do
—Guest Amie Clendennen

Since i was a teen

I am 28, with history of using recreational Ritalin and smoking since late high school. About 10 years ago i had a very scary heart palpitation that left me feeling weak for weeks, i felt i was numb on my left side and pulse felt weak. Since that time i suffered frequent Tachycardia. I continued my unhealthy lifestyle and somehow still performed above average in cardiovascular activities. I was also neglecting my sleep alot. At some point around 2006 my unhealthy lifestyle was at a peak and i could feel my health go downhill. From that time i started working on myself for the better. Totally Quitting recreational stimulants around 2008. About one year ago i stoped smoking cigarettes, stopped marijuana a couple months later. Have been working on my diet since and recently im starting to control the chronic insomnia i had for years. My tachy is gone however it seems recently i have increasingly frequent palpitations, skips or bursts of quick beats. Happens everyday. >with stress.
—Guest Max

Palpitations/skipping heartt beat

I've been having palpitations since I was a kid but rarely. As I grew older in my 30's they were more frequent. Many times I have seen a cardiologist but the usuall answer was "they are normal" "nothing to worry". For the past month I've been having painful palpitations especially in the middle of the chest. They only last about a second but it's a scary moment. I went to ER 3 times in a week and they did EKG and blood work but all was normal. HAs anyone one had a painful palpitation? Sometimes it feels as if I'm being electricuted. I feel this fast/painful stabbing accross my chest for about a second. I have checked my pulse while this is happening and literally the puls stops for a moment until the herart starts normal beat. The worst part of it is that it's making me depressed and housebound.

Heart Palps

I have been having heart palpitations for 2 years now, I have been to the heart docs 3 of them and have had stress test and eco-gram of my heart also wore a 24 hour Halter. they said my heart looks fine. but did find on the halter that I have PVCs and some other type of skip beats. but all the docs I have seen tell me to not worry that this is not harmful. but why am I having them? no doc can seem to tell me ? I quit smoking pot 2 years ago and thats when it started I would like to know if pot helps this and I have had it all along but dident feel it cause I was smoking the pot? Im thinking I smoked pot for 15 years and never had a palpitation . now I quit and have had them weekly
—Guest Stephsv


Stress, Stress, Stress...Thats all I can say...this is the biggest contribution to someone developing palpitations when you have never had them before
—Guest guest Eric


i have been having occassional palpitations daily. I do not feel any chst pain except oncd and sometimes feel dizzy. My doctor did an EKG and said he saw nothing wrong. I am trying to get down a high cholestoral and had a full tyroidechtomy due to a rectro sternum goitre a15 yrs ago. Advise me please
—Guest paul kirby

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