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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

heart palp

I am 29 yrs old and have struggled with an eating disorder for 8 yrs. Ive been having hrt palps for over 3 yrs now and they told its because of anxiety, but my mom had surgery for a fib (she gets rhis too) 5 nights a week I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing, pounding, and fluttering..it keeps me up for at least 3 hrs a night...AWEFUL! Im calling a hrt doc and getting more tests run..it says its hereditary and with my past eating disorder I know ive done some damage.
—Guest amy

heart racing

Im 30 and this started happening to me when i was pregnant but now im not andits been over a year since i had my son. its causing me to have panic attacks because i feel my heart racing and then i panic and it just gets worse. I have had ekg's and an echo cardiogram recently and everythng was normal but i dont feel normal plus tons of bloodwork everything good there too i really whant to get to the bottom of this. I feel my hear racing when i wake up when i dont eat enough of just get uo to quickly and start doing things. I'm young thin and have skated my whole life so i just dont get it that theres nothing wrong when i feel like my heart is going a mile a minute
—Guest christina

Palpitations 24/7

I have been having palpitations and skipped beats for about two years now. It started when i was hospitalized for a COPD exacerbation two years ago. I was given antibiotics and IV steroids. That's when it started[steroids maybe?]. Anyway a holter was put on and recorded the episodes. Mycardiologist told me it is something i must learn to live with. He said i am at low risk for a stroke because my choleserol is in chec, I dont smoke anymore and i am not that old[60]. It's worse when i layon my side. There are good days and bad ones, and the bad ones are bad. More annoying than anything. Not sure if i want to get hit withe the paddles or have a cardiacoblation, as none of these are a 100% cure. Looks like i will just have to live with it.
—Guest Bob A.

Its not only palpitations

It was just last year that I had palpitations. But it seems like these palpitations are not ordinary. It's like this. When i drink coffee, or get stressed, and had lack of sleep, after a few hours, my heart will start beating very fast then it would be accompanied with hyperventilation then after awhile by hands would start shaking and become numb. The scariest part of it is that I start crying uncontrollably. I didn't feel any pain. I was certainly conscious when it happened. I just don't understand. I ignored it at first but when it occurred more than twice already, I was already very bothered.
—Guest MFB

Especially the young people, don'tIGNORE

My seemingly healthy 16 year old son sudddenly went into cardiac arrest two months ago. He does not use drugs, smoke and in fact is going into law enforcement. There are a number of genetic arrhythmia conditions that cause someone's electrical firings of the heart to be abnormal. Some are induced by exercise, some spontanious. However, they can be deadly. If you have palpatations, dizziness, fainting episodes...especially during exercise push, push, push for stress tests! Not just an quick ECG. Get one done on a treadmil, see a electrophysiologist! My son is alive but only because he received CPR and immediate shocks from a AED. He now has a defibrillator installed in his chest, but we dismissed the earlier dizziness as heat related, or need for more water. Be diligent in your health. Check sites like SADS.org to see if your symptoms match these disorders. It isn't being a hypocondriac when your heart is acting funny. What is mild today can be a sudden cardiac arrest tomorrow.

PVC's & Atrial Fib

I have a 5 year history of occasional strange rhythms. I had tach a while back and that was very scary, but the beats were normal, just very fast. This was treated in a hospital over a few hours and I was released and all was OK. 8 months later, I woke up with AFib in full swing. I went to the hospital and this time was held for a day. The AFib stopped on its own later that night while I was asleep. I was put on a beta blocker and I have not had AFib since. However, I experience PVC's now, which are annoying. Also, I am having "jumps" or single fast beats that are very noticeable and a bit jarring. They occur in clusters and can last for hours, usually during some parts of the day. At night, I am not affected by these problems. I am told after lots of tests that there are no structural issues, so I try not to worry. I have no other symptoms and am under a cardiologist's care. Make sure to get a good doctor who will help you out.
—Guest Jim

Palpitations are not fun!

I keep having palpitations. They come and go and some days I don't have them at all. Then some days they won't quit. I went to e.r. and had all the tests and blood work done and they said I just have an extra heart beat and palpitations are probably benign. Then they sent me home. I scheduled an apt. with my dr. and she did blood work and said it was fine. Did chest xray and it was fine. So I ended up wearing a heart monitor for 24 hours and the results showed a fast beat then slow beat. The dr. said the results said NORMAL on them. I said how can this be normal? I am fine then I feel really sick and the palps won't go away. So they got me an apt. with the Cardiologist. Hope he can find out whats wrong since he works with the heart. I do have a lot of anxiety so this could be a big part of it my dr thinks. Nice getting to read everyone's stories. Really helps me feel better to know we are all going to be alright and their are ways to get them to disappear. Thanks and God Bless!!
—Guest Kristy

this is what i think

I am 33 and I've been doing a lot of research about heart disorderds and disease. I don't have a bad family history in that department. I go to the gym,lift weights and do cardio. Recently when I'm laying down my heart rate goes up. It races and feels like its beating out of my chest. When I'm still my whole upper body moves to my heart rate. I eat good. I don't drink to much and I try to stay in shape and healthy. We all have our vices. I recently took my blood presure and it was slightly high for me. Its usualy 110/70. It was 132\92. When I feel my heart racing I try to play close atention to my pluse with 1 of those pulse metters and by feeling the pulse in my neck. It always feels smooth except for when I move or have indigestion or gas. I'm starting to think its psyco symatic. I've had panic attacks before and I'm thinking I over analize and over think things.I'm giving myself panic attaks/anxity. Recently I've been telling myself its all in my head n it seems to do the trick.
—Guest John

Is it GONE yet?

I was diagnosed with SVT back in November '11, with my dominant sinus node being in the wrong side of my heart. I took beta-blockers for a few months, then had catheter ablation. My sitting rate has gone down from 140-160 to 95-115, and I still get palpitations. Talk about downright frustrating, especially when people doubt my judgement (being a minor). It feels like fluttering in your chest, and it happens when I have strong emotions. Hope it goes away soon.
—Guest Averlynne

things Iv'e noticed

Hi just thought I would share my experience. I'm a 44 year old male with a family history of heart disease. These episodes where it feels like your heart stops for a second or so have been happening to me on and off for 1 year. These are my observations. When I eat to much I get them in clusters. When I don't eat I get them spread apart and 100 mils of something sugary stops them. If I've been sitting around on the computer and not exercised for a while I do 30 minutes moderate speed and they stop for a while (sometimes days). They usually occur in the evening. I only get them if I'm above about 95 kilos below that I don't notice I get no pain but have felt a little faint (rarely) They are scary as hell. I think listening and being aware of how I treat my body is the only way to deal with this. I have had a Holter monitor, stress test and all the regulars. with no sign of reduced heart function as far as they can see. I am trying to see these as something I need to manage.
—Guest Craig


I am suffering from palpitations, I get them when am scared, excited or nervous .. My episodes are always like my heart suddenly starts beating super fast then it slow downs for few seconds then again fast then slow downs it keeps on doing that for minutes and it freaks me out my body gets heat up and it make me thirsty too! I did the ECG and a blood test it all came out normal please can anyone tell me what should I do .. Its interfering my daily routine ., ...
—Guest Guest N

fast heart beat

I am trying to find out about my relative who is experiancing fast heart beat at least every two months .she has been tested several times and was given hbp medication but it still occurs every two months.hear beats fast and she gets thigtness on her neck .if she rests and does not move it goes away on its own..i am trying to find out what kind of testing or monitoring should she get. i advised her to document the exact time and write down what she was doing when the symptom occurs .I am not a medical Doctorr and would like some feedback on how to help her get the proper treatment.please help and thanks .
—Guest lou


i was diAGNOSED WITH PAEREXYSML AF 3 YEARS AGO TO ME I Have hjad these same palpitations for years exactly the same i have had ecgs at the tim of the palps exactly the same irregular heartbeat yet always no af, then suddenly af one day, i get ectopics, so i am confused now they even last thje same as they didbefore yet always no af, so why are they now af, i have had 2 heart scans no heart problem physically , yet they now scare people with this af, either i had a palpitation or it was af, it as always been irregular for years one day i thought i was dying i went to the hospital my heart was irregular erratic worse than i ever had the feeling yet no af, just a palpitation, i am confused.
—Guest patricia dyer

what i felt

I went to an amusement park on a Tuesday. I went on large roller coaster, and my neck and head hurt so bad. When I got home and was settling down to go to sleep, I could feel my heart beat in my chest. It hurt really bad, I was ready to wake my mom up and te her we need to go to the ER, I felt like i was having a heart attack. So I tried to wait out the pain. I just couldn't sleep. My neck and back still hurt, so I thought I had whiplash. I did some research and found that it van cause chest pain. I felt a little relieved. But I didn't know how to make the pain stop. My heart felt very irregular. I took some ibeprofin. It finally kicked in and I fell right asleep. I told my mom the next day. I told her I thought it was whiplash. So she gave me a check to go to the chiropractor, while she was at work. The pain was give, so o never went.that night I had a fluttering sensation in my chest . It didn't hurt. It went away much sooner. The next day I had a check up. Got an ekg. Caused by Meds
—Guest Tomi

palps and causes

I will start by saying that I'm not a physician but an studying to be one. I too suffer from palps (PAC's,PVC's) just of recent. Never have before. I'm 43 now, yes this is a second carrier choice (used to be a financial planner) ANYWAY, there are MANY things that can cause palps and everyone has different physiology and body chemistry. Just because this causes your palps doesn't mean that it causes everyone else's. Yes, you should get looked at by your regular doc. and be open and honest about all the questions you are asked. Sometimes its chemical, sometimes it can be physical, like from lack of oxygen while sleeping. could be from a lack of certain vitamins or minerals. Once ok'd by a doc, do some investigative work on your own to try and find the cause. Don't panic...calm yourself and relax. Anxiety and stress WILL make them more pronounced. That doesn't mean your gonna die, just means your gonna feel them more and focus on them. In very rare cases are they something serious.
—Guest medstudent2012

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