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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

Intermittent palps

Hi, first time here. Just searching the net on this topic as I'm starting to worry bout this. I'm 28yo F. Been having palpitations on and off for past 4 months. Maybe bout 3x a month. It hasn't increased in frequency but it's increasing in duration. From just 10 secs an episode to over a min now. It starts with really hard pounding and gets faster and faster then slowly goes back to norm. Get dizzy and winded in the spot when it starts but it's over before I know it so I just leave it be. I don't know what triggers it, it just happens anytime, sitting or walking, even lying down. How do we know when it's time to see a doc about it?
—Guest Mary Anne

So what do I do?

I had an this crazy tingle in my neck while driving home from work, kept driving even though I should have pulled over. I wen to work the next morning and everyone said I did not look good. I went to the dr that morning had an ekg, echocardio gram and remember telling the lady when it was happening. My life is normal, very active and do have heart diease in my family. My heart dr said I have a glitch in my heart and put me on a beta blocker. I stopped that as I had no energy to even get out of bed let alone carry on a conversatiion. I had a stress test and everything is fine there. I am laying here w my husband and again my heart is racing and double triple beating. Does anyone have a great heart dr in Clearwater, Fl? Thank you
—Guest Laura

heart pain

went to doctors because i had a terrible pain in my chest,that came on sudden spread across my whole chest neck and jaw and down both arms,then i went dizzy and nearly passed out that lasted about two or three minutes then slowly eased over the next 15 minutes or so,he didnt check my heart or blood pressure but told me to take indigestion tablets,i then told him i had concerns about that,because years ago my brother went to a doctor and he did the same,2 days later my brother died of a massive heart attack,so he decided to check me and reffered me for a treadmill ecg,i have had palputations up to this day since that attack,and today while on the treadmill i got them even those doing were telling me when they were occuring,i have to wait for results,but i know there is something wrong,so my motto isdont always accept what your doctor thinks it is,you know your own body,and you know when things are wrong.
—Guest joyce

Camel on my chest

My palpitations started 3 years ago, I'm 48, an avid runner doing 3 or more half marathons a year, and running 20 plus miles a week. I knew something was painfully wrong so went to my doctor immediately. Like almost everything else I've read, my doctor told me it was nothing and sent me home. I persisted and was sent to a cardiologist who said I have a murmur and arrhythmia, that O could feel them so it seemed worse than it, and not to worry because they weren't harmful. WHAT...if they aren't harmful, why do I feel like there's a camel on my chest. My problem is the fear of collapsing of a heart attack while running, they literally take my breath away, and I just work through it, but my doctor tells me it's OK. It's a horrible feeling to beg a cardiologist to take a closer look because "I" feel like there's something wrong with me and "he"tells me its nothing to worry about. Would love to know how to get this camel off my chest before it kills me.
—Guest Ayesha


Well I've had palps for 8 years or more. I have had a stress test, a heart cath, ekg's, ecko's wore a looping monitor for 1 week. Everything comes back normal. These palps wake me out of my sleep. Heart pounding so hard I hear it and body becomes so weak. Next day I'm so exhausted. My cardiologist checked my carotid atery in my neck and found out it was 95% blocked. I had carotid atery surgery and they cleaned out the plaque, but I still have palps and my pcp put me on Anxiety pills and zolft because he said I am suffering from post tramatic stress syndrome due to thinking that I was about to die and he says I will alway's have that thought. The point is I have felt everything you guy's have felt, went to every er room in my town until someone could find out what was wrong. GET YOUR CAROTID'S CHECKED! I still have them and I have the very rapid heartbeat and pain in my chest and dizztness like a stroke but when I get to the hospital they run test and say everythings normal.
—Guest Janet

heart palps for over 3 months

I know how you all feel....I have been experiencing heart palps for over three months....my heart likes to skip beats...especially while i am at work or after i get home, or right when i get up...It happens basically every day and leaves me weak, ANGRY, and lightheaded......I was on Zoloft for anxiety for over 10 years and think that this may solve my problem....I called my fam doctor today and her receptionist said that since i havent been in for over a year and owe them 3 dollars and forty five cents that she will no longer see me....HAHAHA! So i guess a new doc search is in order....Anyway, the palps are SCARY! I hate HAVING THEM AND GET THEM ALOT! Hope it comforts some of you,......

i hate this

I've been having these palps since I was 14 I was also pregnant at the time, thought it was just normal I was too young. But I'm 31 n I've been having them ever since off n on,, I can go months without having any n also feel that I get them more with my pregnancies,, when I get them I feel as if my heart is going to jump out of my throat n feel shortness of breath lately after it goes away I've been feeling really tired n weak almost as if my heart beat is lower than normal,, I've been to a cardiologists n was told evrything was normal, ,this does scare me now..
—Guest maya


i have noticed palpitations for over a period of 6 month. not every day and only when i am sitting or resting. they dont alarm me too much. But 2 days ago at 8.30pm at night, i was watching tv when i got a different kind of palpitation from the norm. it paused instead of thumped and i got a surge of heat up to my head and then the feeling of lightness and almost passing out. I was scared to death and went into shock my body was trembling imensely. the doctor seem to think this can be normal..as i am fit, dont drink or smojke or drink coffee. i am only 34 ( female) the effects was detrimental to me and wouldn't like that to occur ever again. i am hooked up to the 24hr ECG at the moment. but i havent had any palpitations tut tut.
—Guest palpitations

Very Annoying

I went to the ER about 10 yrs ago with this after drinking 2 redbulls. I saw my heart jumping on the EKG screen. Nurse said no big deal. Next day cardiologist said same thing. My mom is 80 and my aunt is 90 and both have had it most of their lives. I'm 50 but what triggers it is if too much coffee or drinking alcohol. I work out and stop if the palpitations occur. It's just annoying. I take metoprolol for it. I have sleep apnea too...brother does too and has palpitations. I know another guy 35 who has apnea and palpitations. There might be a relationship between these two problems.
—Guest Just some Info

help for palpitations

I first started having palpitations one day after I spent the day in the hot sun without drinking water. I got overheated and almost passed out. I kept having palpitations until I realized that I had become dehydrated and started drinking a lot more water. The palpitations finally subsided. I still get them occasionally but now I know that it's a sign that I haven't been drinking enuf water. The palpitations always stop when I've hydrated myself again. So try drinking plenty of water and see if that helps if you have palpitations. Remember also that alcohol and caffine have a diuretic effect.


Thank goodness I am not the only one having this wierd sensation. I turned 30 this year, so I have been watching out for health problems. I thought I was having a heart attack. It kept me up at night because I thought I might not wake up in the morning. It happens mostly when I am sitting quietly, after I eat, and laying down in bed at night. It is the most alarming sensation I have ever felt. I am on a 24hr monitor right now and I hope it will catch one so the doctor can look at it.
—Guest A

Need a new doc

I dk where to start. Sometimes the palpitations are bad, sometimes not so bad. Sometimes it feels like my heart is flip flopping, and sometimes it's more like a skipped beat + tight chest. Sometimes its hard to catch my breath. I've had a ECG - but I didn't have the palpitations while on the monitor - yet every time I was disconnected I would get one (like a thump in my throat). I think the doctor got tired of waiting. She did the oxygen and blood test - all normal. I've tried cutting caffeine. I've tried more magnesium. Nothing works :( I'm 30 years old. My father passed away at 48 from Cardiovascular heart disease. I don't feel stressed or anxious, and at the times I should be nervous, I don't get the palpitations. I need to find a doctor that will help me. It's extremely uncomfortable and depressing.
—Guest 4 years of palpitations now


I had my first attack back in 2006. I suddenly had the urge to cough, then realised my heart was going really fast. Lasted only a few minutes, but scared my silly. I didn't have another attack until late last year. This time I was sitting in a Van and again my heart just started racing and went back to normal after a few minutes. This year I've had two, both lasting more than 10 minutes, and both starting first thing in the morning. The last one caused my wife to bundle me off to A&E, and typically by the time I had got there, my heart had returned to normal. I had a barrage of blood tests and ECG's through the day, and everything came back normal. I've now got a follow up appointment in two weeks and been told I might be getting one of these event monitors - I've also been told to cut down on the coffee (I drink quite a lot) and up my water intake considerably, both are apparently common causes of palpitations, the latter being dehydration.
—Guest Michael

Palpitations off and on

I have suffered with these nasty beats for a few years now. I am 46. I have been to the hospital countless times and have done all the tests with my cardiologist. I get dizzy and can feel my heart skipping beats and then tugging hard in my chest. Its so scary!! All my tests indicate there is nothing severe and I have been told to just monitor it. Longest episode has been 3 weeks. I can honestly say they are terrible when they happen. I have been off work now for two days as I am having terrible episodes again. Relax and try to stay calm? Is that even a reality in todays world. I dont know what to do. I wake up with my heart racing and skipping beats and some nights I am afraid to sleep. This is a horrible thing to experience. Live with it....its terrifying.
—Guest Jo


Hi there,i've had palps since i was 14 nd now im 25.i don't know coz it happens even if im relaxed(skips a beat)plz tell me im not going to die soon,im scared...
—Guest Gabisile

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