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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

High blood pressure and heart palps

Just the other day I drove myself to the ER. I had heart palps, shortness of breath and I felt dizzy and weak. I arrived at the ER, my pressure was 190 over 87. They did an EKG and test my blood. They told me everything seem to be fine, make an appointment with my doctor for a stress test.
—Guest Dria

no machine shows anything, any ideas?

im 25 and for over 2 yrs my heart has been playing up. its not exercise related but at any random moment a few times a day lasting 1 minute or so, my heat beats fast,hard n skips beats, first i feel faint fast, breathless, i can feel my whole body pulsing with my heart and i can even hear my heart if its quiet at home. everytime i think (oh god this is it, the one that will kill me) but im still here and no solution. can anyone relate or have a clue whats happening to me??
—Guest muzy


been having palpitations for years, about thirty. Went away for some time, now at 63 are back with a vengeance. Had heart tests, and 48 hour monitor on. Nothing showed up. Must be we are special people to be getting these..don't worry everyone, it is just part of whatever.
—Guest hair/raiser

heart palpitations

Irregular heart beat. Had HBP for 60 years many changes in meds none worked had times of palpitations last change Calcium channel blockers with Beta Block set me into Induced PD changed meds amiodipine caused Tachycardia new med Propafenone HCL stopped heart next day np more problems average BP 135/80-63 my web search indicated mtDNA calcium processing possible problem tRNA A15924G skipped heart beats which do not feel BP low limit 108/70-52 a few readings highest pulse 98 a few times in the past when my went out of whack Lemon Balm resolved problem
—Guest Joseph Beglen

parexml atrial fibralation

my palpitations i am very confused about. i have had ectopics and palpitations for nearly 3o years and have read many books on them and every book over the years says palpitations are an irregular heartbeat thats how everybook as described them for all those years i had an ecg a few times on one occassion i thought i was dying my heart was irregular as it usually was yet it showed up a palpitation. then i went in hospital on another occasion and suddenlt these same symtoms irregular heart beat was called parexml atrial fibralation. i asked why these were suddenly diagnosed . and was told its because my heart was irregular it was called the paf. yet they were the same i had always had and palps are an irregular heart rhythm.. i hate them i have had some doctors who say they are a problem and some say i am not hight risk of a stroke make up their minds . a palpitatrion is an irregular heart beat its in all the medical books why are they now going on about this af.
—Guest patricia dyer


My cardiologist seemed to inform Me that it might be a brain tumor that is known to cause these symptoms and that it is located in the back of the brain where the medulla oblongata is (the area that controls your heart, breathing, pretty much all the vital functions) if you are concerned definitely ask your doctor about this option. And rule out everything before you give up. My doctors seem to think my issue with my palpitations is due to my pregnancy hormones but even when I am not pregnant it is just as bad. It's worse when I exercise. It feels like my heart beats really hard for like one beat and then goes back to normal. It's awful and so very scary. Good luck to you all to find some answers it is very scary and concerning.
—Guest Amber


Same thing for me.. I try to go to sleep, and then bam! My heart starts to rush, feels like i'm going to pass out and then like 5 minutes later, it just stops and I fall to sleep. When I wake up at 6am to do a few things, I always get out of bed slowly but that doesn't help it.. I get dizzy, and it feels like i'm just gonna fall on the floor into a coma.. I'm planning on going to the doctors to find out what it is because if it's holes in my heart, then I better go there now. Thankfully, somebody else is experiencing this also. I tried another website and it said that I could have asthma.
—Guest Delanie

not sure what to think

hi all. about two years ago ,after the death of my mother and two close friends in a matter of months.i started to get some strange feelings.feeling sick dizzy lightheaded.and feeling like i was going to die. i went to my docs ,who sent me to the hospital for an ecg. blood tests .and a holter monitor. the heart specialist said i was having bening palpatations caused by axniety.but i dont feel anxious.all my other tests came back normal.since then ive had more ecgs.stress tests more bloods, all have come back normal.these palps realy put the shits up me .i keep getting feelings of impending doom for no reason,when i contact my doc they just say im suffering from anxiety.i dont no what to think,i keep thinking they are wrong.anyone got any ideas please.
—Guest rooster

Heart Palpitations

I often get heart palpitations sometimes there can occur more than twice a day even when I'm not actually doing anything. The shortest Heart palpitation I've had lasted for at least 2-3 mins and the longest has been not far of an hour. I find the worst part of a Heart palpitation is when my Heart is actually slowing down back into normal speed. More often than not when there occur I become out of breath, sometimes dizzy and I panic about it which makes it worse. I went to the doctors about it about 2 years ago and explained to her what I have been experiencing and she referred me to the hospital I was then referred from the hospital to another hospital in which they gave me an ECG to take home with me which recorded my Heart beats. The results came back and I was told that I have an irregular Heart beat and it often skips a beat which in itself sounds frightening. Since then I have continued to get Heart palpitations which occur more often than before. What should I do next?
—Guest Ellie

Oh my goodness....

Well, last night was terrifying. I was sitting there, after eating, and felt pain in my stomach. I had a LOT of onions in my food and they were raw, so I knew for sure it was that. I started having gas pains. A few minutes later, my heart started flip flopping all over the place for about 15 seconds straight! I jumped up and started pacing (I have had anxiety and panic for the last 4 years, almost 5 now, but although I have had skipped beats occasionally due to that, they have never been irregular like this or lasted this long!). As soon as I stood up and started walking around I was fine, but obviously started panicking haha:) Is there ANYONE who can tell me if it is safe or harmless for this to happen due to indigestion? Is there any way I could be thrown into a heart attack or anything when this happens or atrial fibrillation? Oh, it was soooo scary. I am only 29! Used to be in martial arts and now I feel totally useless...Please, any info will be greatly appreciated:)

palps, misbeats, racing heart

Hi, just read all of these and nearly cried, ive been suffering from palps, misbeats and racing hearts for just over a year and thought I was 1 in a million, but to here theres other people who suffer the same, who are scared but live on through it really helps, if you know what I mean. Mine started after taking slimming pills, alot of them and far too often, rushed to A&E with a heart rate of just under 220bpm was the start of it. A year later and still sometimesg a rather end it than but up with this for the rest of my life. Ive had heart monitors put on and confirmed the palps and the mis/double beats but not offered anything to correct this. Im used to the palps now as I get them around 4 times daily, usually after food, cups of tea, gassy drinks. Mis/double beats scare me to death tho, and after hearing there safe, dont help me at all, there still the scariest things ever and thats coming from someone who is sitting awake at 4 in the morning due to racing heart! bi9_macf647@hotmai
—Guest mark

Anaemia diagnosis explained palpitations

I suffered heart palpitations for four years. I had many tests including heart monitoring and echocardiogram. Finally, after four years, b12 deficiency and anemia were discovered due to tests for something else! The cause of anemia was treated and those horrible, flip flopping heart palpitations disappeared!
—Guest Cath


Im 17 now, but mine started when i was about 10/11! They would only happen when i was swimming. I was a keen swimmer and did compete to a good level. Went to GP and just said my blood sugars were low when i was swimmimg, so i started taking energy drinks with me. They happened very rarely after that until recently.. they started happening when i was just sitting down doing nothing.. currently waiting for 24 hour ECG and Ultrasound scan on heart. Longest its lasted is about 8 minutes
—Guest Amber

PVC's etc.

I have had extra beats and irregular heart beat for sixty years, no one seems to be able to help. Using Inderal for 40 years doesn't really do anything. Have had ECG' Holters and they say there is nothing to worry about as PVC are not dangerous. It deels awful and have been to the energency many times, always sent home with the same erdict. I had an echosound, with the result of mild to mildly moderate hypertension, I note that is serious however my Doctor doesn't seem to think so, I'm really concerned. Anyone know anything about it. I guess I will never overcome or get the irregular heartbeat under control.
—Guest Wanda Eifler

i am freaking out

I have had palpitations before, since I was 16, I am going to be 32 Sunday the 18th. I was palpitation free since 2009, and this year, they have came and gotten worse,4 times in a row my heart palpitated, the last one was a major one felt like my heart stopped anyway the er doctors.referred me to cardiologist and I go Tuesday in themorning I will keep everyone posted on how it goes. I do have panic. Disorder, am on prozac, have fibromyalgia, social anxiety disorser, mitral and atrial regurgitation as well. everyone posted! I do have panic disorder,
—Guest freaking out

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