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Readers Respond: Tell Us About Your Palpitations

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Updated July 31, 2009

a little sharp pain in my chest

My husband had a massive heart attack almost2 yrs ago i have been going through a lot of stress and perimenopause too and a pinched nerve on my neck. It is very scarry
—Guest wanda cruz


I am 59 and have had palpitations for 40 years but not as bad as the past 4 months, went back to the Cardio Doc he listens and said you had a halter monitor 2 years ago, I wouldn't worry about it, today I had about 50 skips so far and give you queasy feeling in your head, I take 1/2 xanax, no relief, Doc says take another BP Beta Blocker when it happens, didn't help...what the hell is going on??
—Guest Chris

massive changes in diet help

OMG!! Put on 25 mg toprol once a day against my wishes. Was having menopause symptoms & looking for relief of hot flashes, palps, pounding heart, & occasional blood pressure elevation. Labs & heart tests all perfect & clear. No heart disease. Wanted to try diet/exercise/herbs for menopause, told "use toprol instead". Immediately felt poisoned, sick to somach, worse heart symptoms, called & said I felt dread & that I was going to die. Told not to worry, keep taking meds. Nightmares, hallucinations, worse heart palps & trouble exercising, weight gain began. Went back & said do not like meds, but told to stay with them. Decided after one year of hell to cycle off on my own. 1st week took half tab, second week took half tab every other day, next week none. some heart palps & anxiety returned...also decided decaf coffee is contributing as was any chocolate, sugar & red wine. stopped all of those, drink only herbal relaxing teas, water, I meditate & deep breathing seems to help.
—Guest Lynn

anxiety palpitations

My heart palpitations started around 2-3 years ago but suffering twice as much in the last 3 months. I've frequently seen my doctor but keep being turned away saying im fine. I used to smoke canibis but quit as soon. as i started to feel the palpitations and assumed it was down to that, im honest with my doctor and tell him everything, he assures me its not down to that but simply suffering from anxiety. im starting therapy soon and just praying it helps....... Fed up of feeling like this now!
—Guest rick Lawson

oh my skip beats

Thank God! it may sound odd but I am glad that I am here in this site. I suddenly started noticing short and sharp electric stings in middle chest when I walk or climb stars for past 1 year and recently started getting skip beats. first it scared me to hell and I had ecg, treadmill and blood test which are all normal. I am very hefty and I thought my weight would give me heart trouble. but all came well but still the skip beats come atleast once a week. some times even 8-10 per min. I dont know wether its food or tension or what not?this thing is worst than a bad relative! its eating my peace! I just felt kind of having lot of bro's and sisters after visiting this site. It is so uncomfortable to have these skip beats and the Dr says everything is OK! I some times get depressed without knowing wether to be afraid during this episodes or not! God I wish I get some reasonable help by explaination to this problem of mine.


I had been experiencing slight PVC - like feelings in my chest ever since I was 13, I'm 18 now. About two months ago I experienced two very har,d loud, slow heartbeats that lead into a more rythmic pounding and then settled down, I rarely get a racing heart beat or anything like that, just these random hard thumps with no other related symptoms. I'm very cocerned, I've seen a cardiologist who ran an ECG that came back normal, my heart rate was 55 bpm. He seems to think that I might be having pvc's or pac's. I'm due for a holter monitor on april 10th but I feel like something will go wrong before then, looking for some support!
—Guest alexander

Heart Palpitations and SOB

I am 32. Have had heart palipitations all my life and shortness of breathe. It's been getting worse. I don't smoke. Saw cardiologist and nothing. My DR says its stress or anxiety everytime, but I do NOTHING at work and I am very calm and carefree, so that can't be it. I cant breathe or talk when climbing stairs and I jazzercise 3-4 times a week and otherwise good health. My heart hurts and skips beats at rest and in my sleep. Slow breathing and calmness do not help it. Hot weather makes me so tired I just want to sleep. No wheezing/some coughing after exercising. Even SOB walking around mall, not overweight. Have always been athletic. Not sure if it is asthma causing heart palipitations. Never been diagnosed. Heart beats wake me up at night and don't go away. Any thoughts? It can't be stress or anxiety and I have had this since I can remember, just worse now. So short of breathe I can't talk when I climb one small flight of stairs. Please let me know any thoughts...seeing dr again WED

My palpatations

I have been having heart palpitations since I could last remember! When I was younger I played softball, after school activities, and would get them like crazy. They never use to bother me until after I had my first baby a little over 2 years ago. Dr.'s say stress this stress that but sometimes it really doesn't feel like stress more like a serious heart problem. I have had several blood tests, and countless EKG's and a 24 hour monitor. I do have a little anxiety and a lot of stress since I moved 1,200 from home for the first time about a year ago but I thought I was over that ... maybe not. I'm so glad I found everyone's stories to know I'm not the only one being told I'm fine and that nothing is wrong! My husband sometimes thinks I over exagerate a little but I swear to him I'm not and ahhhh ya' can never win !! I get them A LOT if i bend over/cross over my body, sit down in my car when it's really hot, and if I'm over heated. I just started noticing them when I lay down or if i w
—Guest Ryes Mom

Heart racing, palpatations, etc

My daughter's heart did all this, even to the point of keeping her from working. She was also having seizures along with the heart malfunctions. She went out of town during this time and had no symptoms whatsoever. The difference? She forgot her Claratin/allergy pills and had not taken them while on her trip. She has not taken another Claratin since and interestingly enough, has had no more heart problems or seizures. The doctors never mentioned it could be a medicine causing all this!
—Guest Pat

heart palps

When I was 17 I was having heart palpitations. They suddenly started when I was Jist sitting playing video games. I started to panic and within an hour or so I had my mom rush me to the er. Doctors did an ekg and blood tests. Everything came back fine and I was sent home. The day after I had them again and went to the er once again. They kept me over night to monitor me. They released me once again without any concerns. After a month or so they stopped. I'm 20 now and they are starting to come back. I went to the er twice again. Had an ekg 48 hour holtor monitor and everything showed up fine once again. My doctor and er doctors tell me it is anxiety and stress related. I'm starting to eel better day by day. I just have to be patient
—Guest schep


I have been experiencing palpitation close to three years on a continious basis. This actually started during the time I was taking ulser medication, whether it is the cause I would not know. I visited the clinic and all sort of tests carried out everything was said to be normal. at a point I realised that it was affecting my blood pressure , aprescription was given. Up till now I am still experiencing it although I do not experience short of breadth but the discomfort is much. How can I have access to the herbal tea that one of the contributor above mentioned.
—Guest Ade

Skipped Beats

It's very comforting that I'm not alone. I've been experiencing skipped beats for about 10 years. It started as occaisional, but now it's almost daily- occuring randomly. Like many that have commented, I've been checked, checked, and rechecked but am told each time that I'm ok. Well, it doesn't feel ok and it's driving me crazy. And now I'm probably compounding my problem with the anxiety that I'll fall over dead. I've scheduled an appointment with a therapist to deal with stress and anxiety. I so tired of dealing with this and it's hard to concentrated at work. Trying to hang in there as a 40 year old....


Hello everyone I'm here to tell u, you are not alone. I've had these weird experiences. Idk if its sickor a normal feeling. My chest sort of feeelsin shock as if im about to cry. And the only way I feel better is by crying does anyone else feelthat?
—Guest cezar

palpitations from chocolate

I had frequent heart palpitations for about a week (heart suddenly going boom-boom-boom, pause) Wondering if it might be from something I was eating or taking, I stopped eating dark chocolate chips, a daily snack. No more palpitations!

annoying palpitations

i noticed mine right after i had received botox injections. This was the first time this happened and they continue. i am on day 4 and i notice mine more when i am either sitting still or lying down. Seems to get worse at night. i have been to my doctor twice and they did ekg first visit and it was normal. Second visit they did blood work looking at my thyroid that was also normal. This is driving me crazy because i am afraid that i will wind up having cardiac arrest or a stroke. I am afraid to exercise drink coffee or soda. I have been feeling totally wore out and breathless for the past week and I do not know what to do next.
—Guest Jennifer Caldwell

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