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Readers Respond: Why Were You Given A Stent?

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Updated April 19, 2009

If you have received a stent for your stable coronary artery disease (that is, for a blockage in a coronary artery that was NOT causing an acute heart attack or unstable angina), please tell us what reason your cardiologist gave you for recommending a stent instead of non-invasive medical therapy.

Why were you given a stent

My right coronary artery was 95% blocked. When they tried to open the artery it disected and they had to put ten stents into the artery to keep it together. I was wondering if this was a record for one artery?
—Guest Joan

6 Stents in 3 procedures & still here!

2.5 years ago a Exercise Stress Test showed 2 different issues suggesting problems - I had no discomfort after 17 mInutes. Rushed to Cath Lab & had an angiogram 20 minutes later. LAD was 99.5% blocked for the entire length & there were blockages in the RCA & Circumflex. Bypass was not an option - no-where to attach a graft. Ended up with 2 Stents in the LAD & 2 in the RCA. Balloon Agioplasty in the Circumflex. 2 months ago I had chest pain while jogging. The stents in the LAD had restenosis. The RCA stents were still patent & the Circumflex blockage was still about 65%. My Cardiologist thinks the problem might have been scarring because only the stents were where the new blockages were. I'm free to resume exercise & plan to return to bushwalking. I did a 35 kilometer walk a month before the chest pain & a 45 kilometre walk a few weeks before that. I've been told each time I've had stents that it was my fitness level that saved me. Enjoy the moment... Live every day!
—Guest lambertia

My Stent

I had mild chest pain. Had angiogram which showed 95% blockage in right artery. Stent placed. Saved my live.
—Guest Jax

Five Stent Surprise

I started getting short of breath when walking my dogs. On two occassions I had to lean against a tree until I could continue the walk. My Doctor sent me for a Nuclear Stress test that showed minor ischema. I was then scheduled for a Cardiac Catherization on 14 May 2011. Prior to the procedure I was assured that it was routine and they didn't expect to find anything as I had completed the Treadmill portion of the test completely with only minor discomfort. I was in the Cath lab for five hours with three Doctors. I couldn't believe it when I woke up rolling down the hall on a stretcher and my wife told me I had received five stents. I've been really tired since and understand its proably from the medication.

RAC blocked 80% stent?

blockage of LAD 100% hard a text book heart attack went by ambulance to ER and stented in an hour DES Endeavor stent but doctors say i have a 80 block in RCA di I need another stent, feeling much better taking meds

Couldn't walk/out of breath

Couldn't di any daily tasks, SOB upon walking a few feet. Had to rest. Single LAD stent relieved. 7 mos. later now feeling good, but haring a ringing in my left ear I used to have before stent placement. Uh-oh!
—Guest Mary


First cheast pian developed than I visit my DC ,&he suggest TMT,&take TMT test itis on boundry line ,&then take Engiography &found LA 99.00% blocked ,Than visit myDc &he put a TEXUS Stent i feel good.
—Guest Mansukhlal

stent in RCA

I was given a stent because of 95% blockage in RCA. I had severe SOB had stress test and echo - both negative. Because of symptoms and family hx had angiogram and blockage was found and stented.
—Guest Jojo

2 stents at 47

Woke one morning with a strange case of heartburn. Fine when I was sitting but bad when I would lay down. Within an hour I felt a burning sensation in my chest and throat just walking to the bathroom. I had an instant (Something is not right) moment and drove myself to the hospital (Practically across the street). By then I thought it was the worst sensation I had ever felt (Like heartburn but on fire). Next thing I know I have a bum ticker. It seems like if you have a terminal illness in which you will be lucky to be alive in 15 years. Knowing I that living to be 60 is considered lucky is depressing. Thank god to cardiologists and technology.
—Guest Harry

2stents RCA

Right artery blocked open blood flow to lower heart. When putting stent in much put in a 2nd stent because of a leakage
—Guest Dickbaby

Guest Stan

That is not always true. My husband had 10 stents and they told him they could not by-pass. He had open heart by pass almost 2 yrs ago. We had to get several opinons but he is alive
—Guest Heavenly

LAD was blocked 100%

I was having kidney stone problem.I went to doctor for the treatment.He told me that my BP was very high.I was already taking medicines for High BP since last ten years. He sent me for ECG. After going through the ECG reports doctor sent me cardio ct scan where we found that my left artery was 100% Blocked although I did"nt have any heart related problem before that and after that I was given a stent. I dont know if I needed it or not but I was given a stent
—Guest ajay

2 drug eluding stents

the doctors at stonybrook didn't give me any other options. never said that medications or diet could treat the problem
—Guest ray.

In the Emergency Room

I was in the middle of a heart attack. No previous symptoms. my heart artery on the left side was blocked so a stent was put in. I have in the Cath Room and I was told that what was needed. I have fatigue now I hope that it is still working and is open.
—Guest why were you given a stent

heart attack block of an artery

Good response now one year passed, Doctor gave me plavix ,for one year I am taking Diovan for hypertension and crestor for hyperlipedimia
—Guest heart attack

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