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Readers Respond: Why Were You Given A Stent?

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Updated April 19, 2009

If you have received a stent for your stable coronary artery disease (that is, for a blockage in a coronary artery that was NOT causing an acute heart attack or unstable angina), please tell us what reason your cardiologist gave you for recommending a stent instead of non-invasive medical therapy. Tell Us Your Reason


When do you know when to put stent in? I have chest pain and artery blocked at 60Percent. Why didn't they put stent in? He said they wait till it is 70percent but I get chest pain and have a hard time working out.
—Guest Kathy

john L

Hi All, I was fitted with 3 DES stents over 4 years ago for a pulled/damaged chest muscle. The good Australian /Queensland cardiologist then treated me with 40mg of Lipitor for 2 months for moderate cholesterol, then prescribed 40 mg of Crestor for over 4 months which has now damaged my muscles and ruined my quality of life. I was very fit prior to procedure, no hypertension, never smoked always healthy meals and 2 glasses of wine per week. I had no cardiac events, always exercised and never over weight. The cardiologist in Queensland's Sunshine coast should be jailed for PROCEDURES for money only. I would suggest if you have not had a cardiac event or angina symptoms always get a second opinion.
—Guest john Langdon


Had 90 per cent blockage in right radial artery - one twenty and the other sixty. Only stented the 90. Eight months in and on low doses of everything including Clopidogrel and Asprin, stopped smoking and everything seems fine so far. I'm 53 and I had smoked since the age of 13 and always had a fatty diet. I had already changed my life somewhat and lost a good bit of weight and cut smoking down, but the damage was done I guess. I didn't have a heart attack, but I did have a lot of pain. I was taking Aspirin myself which probably saved my life. My angioplasty was a horrible affair as for some reason, I was dehydrated and I felt everything. Wouldn't want to go through it again. Never felt healthier than now, apart from a few wobbles with the medication. I've never had high blood pressure as I exercise regularly, so it was probably a combination of the smoking and fatty diet.
—Guest DebFox


had a stent put in main artery 100 percent blockage they said and said they were surprised I was still here. How long do those stents last ? anyone know?
—Guest kathy

Why were you givin a stent?

A little chest discomfort in July. Went to Emer and nothing was found. Scheduled nuclear stress test & results were off while in recovery. Scheduled a cat scan. This showed all main arteries 30% blocked & one branch artery 70 to 80% blocked. Went in for heart cath to check small artery and ended up with a stent in LAD! Said it was 90% blocked!!?? How did the cat scan miss this? I was so mad! Not what I was expecting! WTH? PTCA of the second branch! Whatever that means!
—Guest Terri- Nichigan


I was given 2 stents in turkey as my arteries had narrowed and had lbbb I was told that if I did not have them done I would not survive the flight home
—Guest philomena bullock

R. Jay

72 old, 6 2", 186.4 lbs. male. No chest pains, no shorten breath. Go to gym 3 days a week. My evacuation dropped from 38 to 34 (heart contracting). Felt great before feel great now. Well this improve my pumping percentage? I do not believe so but it should be an overall improvement.
—Guest R.Jay

stenting vs nonstenting

# stents because of blockage, and EF of left ventrical at 30%. And heart not pumping enough O2, hence breathing problems on excertion.
—Guest Tom Iacullo


Had three stents after suffering heat stroke.Was walking up steps on a hill for 20 minutes temperature that day was 28C At the time they thought I had had a heart attack. But only laid down as I was feeling very hot. I had no hat and no water with me.
—Guest Stuart Marcus


I just had to heart stents, VA told me I was OK.and 3 hospital told me so much crap.I. called a Cardiology on my own, 90 percent blocked in 2 arteries. Always. Go by what your body tells you.
—Guest Gary

Having a stent put in is it considered i

was having chest pain did stress test and then i id an angeogram and realized my artery was 95% block
—Guest tony

I have 33 stents in my body.

In 2002 I had a 3 way by pass. With in a year and half my chest was hurting again. Since that time I found a doctor who knew cutting me open again was not the answer. He went in over the next year opening all the native vessels. All my by passes are all dried up now. Ten years later I now have 30 stents in my heart and 3 in my legs. I am now 56. I went to see a specialist in Chicago, he told me that my high LP(a) is my problem. That he had never see numbers so high.
—Guest Les


I have a 7mm stent since 1999 in TC1 (Communal trunk) for spasms. My arteries were clear and I am on Atenolol 2x50mg PD, is that still necessary after 14 years?
—Guest Stella

Round 2

Had my 1st stent in May of 2012 after heart attack. Started having problems again in July 2013. Had heart cath and doc says I have 3 blockages in same artery as my current stent (all blockages approx 80 to 90 percent). Going back for 3 new stents in a couple weeks. Feel fatigued most of the time but could be from all the meds. Also just found out I am now diabetic. I have read that there some indications statins may cause type 2 diabetes. Have to wonder if I would have been better off without the statins.
—Guest Don

Stents four years ago

I had a hear attack four years ago after being laid off and going back to school at 50 yrs. 90 and 80% blockage three stents. I quit smoking, only drink moderately and I keep active. Still trying to lose 20# but I eat pretty healthy. Very little red meat. Feel pretty good. Still get some twinges in chest. Mostly sharp pains for a few seconds
—Guest JohnnyB

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Why Were You Given A Stent?

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