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Readers Respond: Why Were You Given A Stent?

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Updated April 19, 2009

drug eluding stents /two

i was told after I went for anagiogram that I had three severe blockages over 90 percent, they did two only. did not go back for the thrid after readng I would have to take plavix the rest of my life. I never had symtoms of pain in my chest, my stress test my doctor said shows their may be blockages, so he recommendd a thalium stress test, instead I went for an agiogram, my mistake, they told my wife while under the angiogram I had these three severe blockages, so what else can you do I should of come out without the stenting and have gotten a second opinion but we trusted the doctors advise. also in 1984 I did have a heart attack but had an agioplasty without stents which served me well as up to this date I have no pain or have I had a attack. why arent they just doing plain angioplasty without the stents, it served me very well for ten years. I know whey money money, but the patient is really helpless unless he does his reserach before, trust but verify everything a doctor says. un
—Guest herman goldbetg


Active heart attacks & Blocked artery..4 of them SAVED MY LIFE
—Guest alex6500


after my bypass 6 monthes later i was given a stent because of another blockage of 65% and unstable angina
—Guest bigem

Why a stent

Mild heart attack in 2002, was told a stent would keep artery open (RCA). No pain or new events or stents. Advised possible pacemaker in 8 yrs or so due to low heart rate. I believe exercise has kept the stent open. Have bradycardia also.
—Guest Jacky

Reason for Given a Stent

The artery that was recently stented was a grafted artery from a triple by-pass I had done 2 years ago. This atery was 70% blocked. The latest drug eluded stent was used.

Stents saved my life

Family history so took all precautions: vegetarian last 10 yrs, thin, Cholesterol 180, on Zocor, regular exercise, yearly heart stress test, every 2nd year nuclear image stress test OK. Yet at age 54 instantaneous fell unconscious with a heart attack (2 of 3 arteries blocked), emergency 3 drug eluding stents to save my life. 18mths later even though exercise 7 days a week 45-180 min/day; yet suddenly one day no power, so 2 more stents. I am also on 60mg/day of IMDUR (slow release Nitro) opens small blood vessels to give me power, not because of angina. "Touch wood" as I feel fine now. The big question, "Is plaque still building and how long to the next problem?" Stents much better recovery than invasive open heart surgery.
—Guest Lorne

Cad Patient

I was in Maryland and had a small heart atack and was about to leave the hospital. when I was stricken with a more severe one. I was sent from Caroll County Hospital to Johns Hopkins because the doctor said I was about to have a sever one. I had a stent put in the LAD. and during the proceedure A suedo-anurism developed. I was told that due to the stent. I had bought myself another five years. That was in 1997. It is still there and I was never told the reason other than I had the "widow maker" attack. now have a pacemaker for eight years and am due for a replacewment any month now. I am 86 and have had no angina or other heart problems.
—Guest Bernard Kindilien

Why I got 7 stents

I was taking nitro tabs for chest pain/pressure for several months. One usually took care of the problem, but one day after taking 2 nitro tabs the pain was increasing. I knew that I needed help at that point and called 911. I was taken to emergency and within days I was having an angiogram and hd 2 stents placed at that time for the worst blockages. Within a 2 month period I went back in for 3, then 2 more stents for a total of 7. I read everything I can about this because I don't get enough information from my cardiologist, even when I ask. Now, after having all 7 stents placed, I'm wondering if this was the right course of action to take? No meds were offered as an alternative nor was anything else even discussed. I had this done at 55, and often wonder if I have any better chance of surviving longer or not.
—Guest bejay20002

two heart attacks

I had my first heart attack at fifty and was scheduled for quadruple bypass. They cancelled surgery three times for other people's emergencies and I had a second heart attack while waiting. That time they inserted two stents and probably saved my life. Never did have the bypass after that either. That was five years ago
—Guest lauran


i hurt in my back for about 8 till 9 day i was treated with medicine i was out most of the time .then they fled me to another hospital so now i feel fine
—Guest mary

Athletic, healthnut, great lipid panel..

The cardiologist became belligerent when asked about the risks of stents, etc. He repeatedly bellowed that if I did not have a catherization, I would have a heart attack and die! After hrs of badgering, I agreed. During the procedure he said, I can pull this out with a wire - Then, began yelling, throwing my unanswered questions back at me; "But what do you think!? Should I take it out! Do you want a second opinion!? You're so smart. Why don't you do it?!" Now, convinced he was a psychopath, my will to live kicked in. "I'm sorry if I offended you, but I never had an operation before and I was scared." The Dr. repeated, "Do you want me to take it out, and I quietly replied, yes. I suddenly felt a surge of searing pain rise in my chest, & later learned that he had torn my healthy unblocked main left artery & inserted a stent, requiring me to be airlifted to another hospital for emergency double bypass surgery. I later discovered, the Dr. has an extensive drunk driving record
—Guest guwumpki

why stents?

NO angina. Felt fine: Routine stress test showed irregularity, prompted an angiogram, which showed 100% block of right artery, tandem 50% blocks in LAD. Cardiologist performing angio stated since I was stable, could treat with diet & meds. Primary Cardiologist told me I needed bypass; sought third opinion out-of-area; specialist said "I can fix everything with stents." Lead me to believe intervention was necessary. Opened right artery with conventional stents, they 100% re-occluded in 6 mos. Had Cordis stent placed in LAD. In hindsight, wished I had followed advice from Dr. who said "diet, exercise meds."
—Guest Rich

why were you given a stent

I was given a stent as a precaution to avoid agina from my best recollection. It was explained as to what procedure was done to me when I was in the recovery room a couple or three days after surgery.
—Guest jvgomez@aol.com

Why I have 5 stents in my RCA

My right coronary artery disected for now reason at the age of 43? I have no high blood pressure, chol, or heart problems in my family. The disection caused me to have a heart attack. It took 3 angioplasties and 5 stents (all DES except for one) to fix my artery. My doctor speculates that delivering late in life could have caused the artery to become elastic and burst? Or my many years of Ironman training could have contributed? He really doesn't know? All I know is that the stents my life...at least I think so? This article is troubling?

Why a Stent

EKG showed bundle blockage. Had 2 stents in heart. No pains before or after.

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