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Readers Respond: Why Were You Given A Stent?

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Updated April 19, 2009

stent in stent

heart attack 9yrs ago only 1 stent then oct09 had another attack where they put 2 additional stens..3mo 1 stent 90% blocked used agioplasty to open it blocked again this july and they put another stent in the stent in the rca..my cardiologist was a little upset he was on vacation he believes they had shld of done a bypass anyone else this problem
—Guest kjsaj

why I had a stent put in.

I had a stent put in due to pain chest and numbness and blood pressure going up to 200 over 90. They did an angiogram and I had an artery 90 percent blocked. A stent was put in. I was put on plavix and aspirin also. I had some problems with chest pains and feeling weak and tired which is better now. My cholesterol is good. I was wondering if I would no if something went wrong with the stent, would I no.
—Guest MaryAnn

david miller

Had one stent put in 2 yrs ago, because the doctor said I was 95% blocked in one artery. Was on high dosage statins which gave me acute pancreatitis 3 days ago. Hosp. doc. thinks my doctor was negligent for not taking me off the simcor when he knew my cholesterol was down & I had lost alot of weight since prescribing the simcor.
—Guest david miller

Acute MI-Stent-100% Closure

In Nov. 2005 suffered Acute MI in right ventricle, near top of artery. Stent was used and placed on Plavix, 325 aspirin and other heart meds. Continued to suffer from severe fatigue, angina pain with limited exertion and low quality of life. Cardiologist said this was normal and would improve in time. 8 months later after escalating complaints, new cath procedure revealed 100% stent closure with one collateral vessel feeding right ventricle coming from left coronary artery. Blood flow to right ventricle is coming in from the collateral and going upward, due to complete stent closing. New cath performed in June 2010 revealed a 50% blockage in back of the left side of heart. Advised if collateral on right side becomes blocked, most likely will not survive another MI to back of right side of heartr. Or if left coronary artery becomes blocked in area where collateral feeds from. Also, new 50% blockage was left alone. Why???? I believe a bypass would have had a better outcome.
—Guest Diana

Why a stent

I was given a stent because my cardiologist told me that it was the best treatment for an artery blocage and I had to agree knowing absolutely nothing about these matters. I am taking plavix and aspirin: a must I was told. Once again I have to follow my cardiologist's decision. I would hope and I do that my cardiologist is doing the best to help me.
—Guest Melville


In my normal annual health checkup. Doctor said you have multible blocks and need to do bypass. I said , I do not have any symptoms of of Heart problems. doctors aggreed. and they did angiogram notices 8 blocks. But th blood flow is normal and doctors concluded that, in future any time ,you may face heart problem. so decided to go for at least cover 4 blocks . incerted 4 stents. For me no difference before and after.
—Guest KJR

hope for the best result

My father had some symptoms of angina and pain in both hands and legs. angiography revealed a blockage of 95% in right coronary artery . given no option about putting a stent or not .was it the right decision . i can now only hope for the best .
—Guest rahul

Reason for stent implant

My doctor told me that I had 100% blockage in artaries and did not have enough time for any other proceedure to save my life.
—Guest Ram Sadhu

reason for my stent

I had been out running, and after I came in, got a burning sensation near my throat and numbness in one arm. Eventually it went away, but a couple of days later, I got the burning again and numbness in both arms while I was taking a shower, just after waking up. I called my physician for an appointment and eventually a nuclear stess test was done and angioplasty was done, showing a 80 to 90 percent blockage in right coronary, and a Promus DES was inserted. It was a great shock to me and my doctor, as I am very active, eat nutrionally and am not overweight. I did, however, smoke heavily for over 40 years but had stopped 3 years prior to the event. I take Plavix and aspirin, but stopped statins as they were causing too much muscle pain.
—Guest Darfly

Medicated Stints

I had a heart attack and they put five medicated stints in my three main arteries. I had a choice of open heart bypass surgery or the medicated stints. I went with the advice of the doctor. I regret taking his advise. Since then I have had three more heart attacks and anohter medicated stint added. They say I could use another but they are concerned because these medicated stints are the cause of my subsequent heart attacks. I am getting blood clots at the stints. They put me on Plavix from day 1 from the time I had a heart attack. For some reason, the Plavix has not helped in preventing blood clots, so now they have me on Effient. So far so good but that has only been a couple of months. I regret not getting the bypass surgery. Unfortuantly when they put my stints in, they attached them in the same spot that they would attach the bypass so I am being told that bypass is not longer an option. The bottom line is do as much research as possible before you may a decision.
—Guest Stan

Stent-right renal

I was given a stend because the angioplasty did not work due to the bading of my renal artery
—Guest Nadine

Heart Attack April 2006

On Monday I started having pain in the upper mid section of my back and started using a heating pad. I thought it was pleurisy. On Friday, while I was at work, the pain came around to the front and it was intense enough that it scared me, so I had someone drive me to the emergency room. By the time they saw me though, the pain was gone but they hospitalized me anyway for observation. The next morning, after eating a hospital breakfast, the pain started back up (in my back again) and I told the nurse who rushed out and rushed back in with an EKG machine and hooked me up. She was nervous and told me I was having a heart attack and I told her to calm down cuz' the pain wasn't THAT bad and I was pretty sure I would live. She ran out to the nurses station and next thing I know they're taking me to another hospital for a cath. Main artery that wraps around the back of the heart, was 100% blocked. I was not given a choice but I can feel the stent pulling and it sometimes hurts.


I was given a stent due to LAD dissection. It happened when I was 42 and was wrestling with the high school wrestling team. No issues since
—Guest dmar44

I'm scared after cath and stent

I had a70% LAD blockage and received one stent. I'm 60. Are my chances of dying young now much greater or much less? Either way, I'm very emotional at the surprise of it all. Any advice appreciated.
—Guest redfromOH

Why I got my stent

I was having pain in my upper left arm on exertion and it was getting worse. My primary care physician sent me for a stress test. After reviewing the battery of tests, the cardiologist told me that the left part of my heart was not getting enough oxygen. She wanted to schedule me for a heart catheterization as soon as possible. Two days later the angiogram showed that my LAD was 99% blocked and an interventionist was called in to place a stent. I was never given a choice and not much time to think about it. I was already taking a calcium channel blocker and exercising and my ejector fraction was 55-60% before the procedure
—Guest spud272

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