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Readers Respond: Why Were You Given A Stent?

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Updated April 19, 2009


an alarmist stress test with dubotamine induded three doctors to urge a angiogram. The interventionist found the RCA 95% blocked and put in a BMS. I had never had angina but many other sypmtoms.Now one year later I have slurry of symtpls nausea abdominal malaise, night sweats, fatige and so which appear to have nothing to do with my heart and more to do with the seven meds I'm taking and long term stress.


Three days before I was to go for my DOT check up,I was in a hot trailer move pallets and it was real hot and no air moving well I really did crawled out on my hands and knees got in the AC and started to feel better after 15 min I was good. Ok the day of my Dc visit,as he checked my I told him about the HEAT getting to me. After my visit was over I said see ya next time and he said well you will be coming in the next day for a tread mill the rest is history,but after the by pass I needed to see the Doctor to check my arterys well I had to get a stent another 90 days another stent and that happen each 90 days I went back its now 2011 I have 6 stentsand feeling bad and yes I sure its a blockage and I will hope to live another day or so. I know I don't have many years to go but I live each day as it will be my last I have a great life here but if its Gods will I am ready. And the reason I am having all these things going wrong is from Vietnam as I was sprayed with Agent Orange.
—Guest HE Smith


he did not give a reason for me needing stents in my stomach
—Guest m

Symptomatic blocked RCA

I am status post 2 stents placed in the right coronary artery 4 days ago. I was suffering acute symptoms at the time and an emergent angioplasty was done revealing a 90% stenosis.

drug eluding stents

I received two drug eluding stents while in a drug induced coma following resuscitation from a cardiac arrest. I was later told that they had performed an angiogram in order to determine if there were any arteries blocked and if that had been the cause of my cardiac arrest. What they found was a partial blockage in two arteries. They put the stents in only to open the arteries further. The docter said the angiogram was inconclusive whether my partial blockages and subsequent possible rupturing of plaque were the cause.
—Guest my_joy

Retired Pilot

Stent placement LAD coronary due to narrowing NOT blockage, April 27, 2005.
—Guest Charleigh Appling

Why Were You Given A Stent?

In September 2010 I had an MI. They arranged for me to have angioplasty and bare metal stent due to the LAD being 90% blocked. I have adverse effects from the Plavix/aspring combo causing huge fist size bruises all over my arms and legs, and the simvastatin caused my liver enzymes to go through the roof. Sometimes I wonder whether we actually need all these things to get well?? We put our trust in the docs. My cardiologist wasn't there when I had the stent put in and the doctor who did the procedure came out to ask my husband whether he should use a bare metal sent or a drug coated one. My husband didn't know what to answer so they used a BMS. mY HUSBAND IS A LWYER NOT A DOCTOR.
—Guest Jan


my husband went for a regular check-up. Everything was fine, he jogged - no problem. But test after test it seems they were hunting for something and came up with the fact that he may have a blockage. He went to the hospital for a diagnosis med. treatment to see if he indeed had a blockage. He was passed out from the drugs when the dr. showed me an x-ray and said one of his arteries was blocked and he needed a life-saving stent put in. I (his wife) listened to the dr. and of course, my husband had the stent put in. Over the next 2 years he was given 4 different statins, even though he kept exercising, was at a good weight and had low cholesterol. He ended up with pancreatis from all the meds. & now is no longer taking anything but low-dose aspirin. His dr. still wants him to take a statin, which is crazy because his cholesterol remains low without meds. He never had any symptoms and I believe he may have been a victim of foul play.
—Guest linda Miller

blood pressure after stents

I had 3 stents placed in my LAD artery with 70 per-cent blockage in main artery and 85 per-cent in branch off artery. My blood pressure before stents for 20 years was 120/70 and now 1 month after is 150/80 even though I am on 10 mg blood pressure medicine. Any answers out there as to why? I had passed stress tests with no problems, maintained weight, walked 4 miles daily aand had no warning signs. Would open heart surgery have been a better option or do nothing at all?
—Guest gwe

Serious or not?

My father died of a heart attack one year ago this month. He had unstable angina and although it came as a terrible shock it seemed clear what would eventually take him from us. Now my bf father has just had stents implanted. I understand that this was mainly precautionary but i feel very worried about it. May I take this platform to all who read this with heart issues to take a look at the 'eat right for your blood type' book. I works for me and since I am likely to inherit what my father died of (and i was never able to tell him about the book) i feel it quite necessary to recomend it to everyone (and my bf father) epecially if you are suffering with heart issues. Kind Regards London, 23
—Guest Ilovemydad


because the angio showed a 95% blockage of RCA. So what else could the cardio do?
—Guest oldie

why were you given a stent

I was told that I had had a heart attack and that I had blockage in my heart which would surely provide me with another if I did not have the stents put in.
—Guest Robert Nelson

Rounds One and Two

My first heart attack that hospitalized was Nov '09. Results: two stents. Second event, Feb '10: three stents in a different artery. My cardiologist stated that if the second artery was occluded when the first one was, I would have a by-passn ot stents. As of now, Oct '10, I'm certain that I will be back in soon. More symptomatic and more pain and more fatigue since this all began.
—Guest ramblin' rich


I am not sure why stents are use , Seems as though lot of people are having problems. Have you heard of laizer on the blocked areas instead of stents? I had one stent put in a year ago and then starting having problems again. Tired and just could not do much. Went in again and found my stent was closeing so put another in . I have small arties they are smaller than the smalest stent that is made. I can not figure out why they did this knowing it will not last. I am having problems again . and my doctor will not give me a approvel for a second openion. I really don't like stents and I think they need to find something else to do.
—Guest wanbla

endovascular aortic aneurism repair

I was given an endovascular aortic aneorism stent repair some two years ago still surviving but with heart failure so do not know how long I will last
—Guest Donald

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