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Readers Respond: Why Were You Given A Stent?

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Updated April 19, 2009

Lucky to be alive

I suffered breathlessness and pain after exercise. I had previously been fit and health but a little overweight. Cholesterol was sometimes a little high (6.5 random but LDL?HDL ratio good) GP said it was angina and sent me for a stress test which I failed. I had and angiogram and they found the RCA 100% occluded! An auxiliary blood supply had grown around the heart and fed the heart muscle so no damage. They unblocked the artery and put in a stent. That was 4 days ago. I was already on aspirin and Blood Pressure medications (Atacand). I am now also on Plavix and Crestor. I feel lucky to be alive but am feeling very fatigued right now. I also lost a lot of blood from my Femoral artery when the angioscope was removed.
—Guest Anita Grigg

Monroe ga

I was on a run from Athens ga to Fargo n.d 3 weeks b4 I turned 40 I was in the middle of nowhere in Illinois one night and my whole left side started shutting down on me.scared me bad I thought I was having a stroke I got the 18 wheeler on the off ramp and told my wife I had to call 911 well when I got out in the cold night and started walking around I started feeling better so I went made my delivery. Nov10 2012 I turned 40 my wife took me to red lobster where they had to call the meat wagon half way thru dinner.although I didn't have a heart attack "knock on wood" I had stress test had 99.9% block in my circumflex artery and 30% block in LAD had two stents placed and still can't stop smoking. I just hope my LAD doesn't block up all the way as I understand this is a deff heart attack.
—Guest Shannon "the outlaw" brewer

receved 1 stent

Before angioplasty I said that I only wanted a stent if it was really necessary because I have no insurance or healthcare. During angioplasty Doctor told me main artery 100% blocked so I agreed he could stent it. He later said that they had to drill out the plaque in the artery before they could put a stent in


Blood pressure good, cholesterol 192 total and 110 bad, overweight, ekg good, stress showed something did a dye insertion found blockage of 90 percent said I need stent then ended doing 2 stents and a baloon. Did I really need it
—Guest Becky Wakely

CT Calcium Score

Diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia after TIA at age 28...fast forward after taking 80mg Lipitor at 51 have a CT Calcium score of 1220...next day RCA 4 stents.... Next week Left add'l 3 stents. Now add plavix, aspirin, beta blockers into mix... Start cardio rehab in a week. Heredity plays a MAJOR role here ... Father, Sister, Brother all passed away before the age of 50. I should also say that at 50 I had my very first Stress Test and passed.....the CT was a suggestion from my cardiologist.

RCA ostial DES '04.. Intimal hyperplasia

Never mentioned by Dr that 50# of all stents fail in ten years. Mine is in ostium; if Int Hyper happens always and at ends of stents the opening occluded again major possibility. Radiation damage fe Rom So if your drug eluding stent is placed in the ostium and trouble (intimal hyperplasia) occurs at ends of stents then postal opening is in double-triple trouble. Had this done NINE years ago, never been told regrowth = of 100% of stents, 50% completely fail within ten years . And no one SAYS anything?????????? I'm in my 9th year!!!!! Can they resent it? Laser cutterage(sp?)? Right on the opening so how do you do a bypass ....??????? Pull a thoracic artery and just make a new opening or something????? Anybody know???? My Dr.'s never even mentioned restenting was ever needed! Feeling too young to leave the planet,64 but dad lived to 96!! Any ideas?????? My cholesterol from right eating only is 140 so.. C
—Guest Michelle

How many Stents? Can be inserted?

I have had seven (7) heart attacks and todays count is Ten (10) stents in my heart in various locations. My Mother and brother also have had the same number of heart attacks and stents anyone know what the max is before open heart~bypass is manditory?
—Guest Marc Butzin

heart attack

I'm 40 years i was@ work and started having real bad chest pain i get to Harper hospital they explained to me i.was having a heart attack my lad was 100 pecent blocked they put i stent in i stayed 4 days i was home a day and was rushed bck because i was having a heart attack doctor said my lad was blocked again because cause i was clotting Im okay now feeling fine just enjoyin life
—Guest Rhonda Mcclain

95% RCA Blockage

I had a heart attack with 90 LAD which i had angioplast with a stent placed. I recently went to my cardiologist and he said I also have a 95% RCA blockage. I was wondering why they did not correct it the day I had my first blockage.
—Guest tfw

3 Stents

I had my first heart attack when i was 31. It was the widow maker but, i survived. Had second one at 32 and now at 33 in two weeks i go in to have another stent put in. I am scared. No one else around me has had a heart attack and doesn't understand my fear of not knowing when the next one will happen. I have a 4 year old son. I want to live atleast long enough to see him turn 20. Would love to talk to other heart attack patients.
—Guest Tammy Lopez

Open Heart Bypasses Don't Always Work...

Had MI at age 28, kept at Milwaukee County for 21 days of observation by cardiac and endocrine departments. Next MI was three years later, another cath, blockage, but not enough for surgery or stenting. 2 years later MI, 95% blockage in two arteries, stented both. 1 year later, 88 and 98% blockage in another upper artery, 2 more stents. Did well per the cardiac issues until early 2011. Ended up with 3 bypasses (HORRIBLE RECUPERATION AND PAIN...still have rib pain and tenderness 1 1/2 years later). Bypasses done in March, participated in cardiac rehab (only younger dark haired person there), and ended up finding out with yet another cath that all three bypasses had closed up within two months. Finally found a cardiologist and hospital who would perform left main artery stenting. I could have avoided the open heart had the hospital who did it offered the left main stenting. Ripping my chest open, and then having all three stents close at the same time was doctor error.
—Guest Joanne

taking statins

my left neck artery is 100 % closed can not do anything with that side, my left side was 75% blocked so i had a stent put in. it was discovered when my left eye clouded over and i could not see for a few minutes. Was told i am very lucky to be here there are usually no warning signs. my question is his i have been on stains for over 30 years have tried all types could not tolerate any of these. my level is usually about 200-280. i have stopped smoking, eating right and walking every day. i am on plavix and aspirin...is statin really necessary or do i risk a stoke without taking statin
—Guest Ann Falco

precautions for the Stent

I was having pain whenever I bend and on Angio, discovered 99% blockade in only in one. Stent fixed 4 months back. !. What is the Life of Stent -- I am now 78 living In India. 2.what precautions should I take aprt from Drugs. Can I exercise, bending to the knee and all other fitness excecises. 3. Dr says I cannot pull out one Loose denture for anothe 6 months.
—Guest Ramamurthy Jnaga

2 stents

Im 34 years old and i was at work when i had my heart attack, yeah it was scary and when i got to the hospital i actually died for 26 sec had to be transports to best hospital in ohio for hearts and i had the best doc, well my circum and bback circum was blocked 95 precent had two stents 4 days in the hospital and i have changed my life style alot
—Guest brock

reason for stent

I suffered an acute heart attack so the emergency surgeon quickly saved my life by implanting a stent to unblock the artery that was plugged.
—Guest Peter Wassill

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Why Were You Given A Stent?

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