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The risk factors for heart disease, and how to control them

The risk factors for heart disease, and how to control them
  1. Cholesterol, Triglycerides (33)
  2. Diabetes, metabolic synd (10)
  3. Diet and Obesity (31)
  4. Exercise and Heart Disease (1)
  5. Hypertension (5)
  6. Other Risk Factors (20)
  7. Risk Factors - Links (2)
  8. Smoking and Heart Disease (15)

Statins for Reducing CRP Levels
Statins reduce C-reactive protein levels - CRP - and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

The Battle Over Metabolic Syndrome
The American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association are engaged an a long-running turf battle over whether metabolic syndrome even exists - or whether it ought to be called pre-diabetes

Another Reason Not to Smoke During Pregnancy
Children of women who smoke during pregnancy have evidence of vascular disease as adults.

Cardiac Risk With COX-2 and NSAID Drugs
Not all COX-2 and NSAIDs impart the same degree of cardiac risk.

Coffee Is Cardiac Safe
Drinking coffee appears safe for cardiac health

"ED" - It's More Than Just About Sex
Erectile dysfunction may indicate the presence of heart disease.

Cardiac Risk Factors in Women
Cardiac risk factors in women - how they are different from risk factors in men.

Should You Have Your CRP Measured?
The pros and cons of measuring CRP levels.

What To Do When Your CRP Is High
Your CRP level is high - what should you do now?

Rimonabant and Quality of Life
Rimonabant, a new drug for weight loss and smoking cessation, appears to improve quality of life - with some caveats.

The Cardiac Risk Factors
A discussion of the risk factors for heart disease.

Noise Pollution and Heart Disease

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