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Pump head - cognitive impairment after bypass surgery
Oct 21, 2011 ... If this is the case, then newer surgical techniques such as “beating heart surgery” (in which the bypass pump is not used) should help to ...
Pump head and cardiac depression - Heart Disease - About.com
Depression after heart surgery or after a heart attack is common, treatable, and dangerous if unrecognized. And now it's likely to be written off as “Pump Head.”.
Preventing Pump Head - Heart Disease - About.com
Apr 13, 2012 ... Cognitive impairment after bypass surgery - pump head - can be prevented by a simple step.
Maritime Matters: What Is Pump Head? - About.com
Learn how pump head ratings and pump and outlet position impacts performance and efficiency of several different kinds of pumps.
Pump Head Might Not Exist After All - Heart Disease - About.com
Nov 7, 2013 ... This cognitive decrease after CABG has been called "pump head," because doctors have speculated that perhaps the heart/lung machine (the ...
diagnosing depression in heart patients - Heart Disease - About.com
"DON'T BE SO SURE IT'S PUMP HEAD " >Page 1, 2, 3, 4. Zen and the art of diagnosing depression. Even before "pump head" pried its way into public ...
Why is Pump Lift Limited to a Specific Height? - Maritime - About.com
To learn more about the proper sizing and positioning of a pump be sure to take a look at the definition of Pump Head and our Pump Basics Primer.
Understanding What NPSH Is and How to Use It
Head - This refers to pump head which in it's most simple definition is the distance a pump can pull liquid up a pipe, usually measured in inches or feet.
diagnosing depression in heart patients - Heart Disease - About.com
"DON'T BE SO SURE IT'S PUMP HEAD " >Page 1, 2, 3, 4. What to do if you or your doctor think you may have pump head. At the time of this writing, pump head  ...
Aquarium Power Heads and Circulating Pumps
Power heads or circulating pumps are a great way to increase water movement in a freshwater aquarium. They can also be used to drive filers, such as UGFs or  ...
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