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Articles related to cardiac surgery

General topics related to cardiac surgery - Heart Disease - About.com
General cardiac surgery topics. Guide picks. General topics related to cardiac surgery. Pump Head - cognitive deficits after bypass surgery. A recent study ...
Links related to new and investigational techniques in cardiac surgery
New/investigational surgical techniques. Guide picks. Links related to new and investigational techniques in cardiac surgery. Robotic Heart Surgery - a status ...
Links and articles related to cardiac surgery
Links and articles related to cardiac surgery. ... A recent study suggests that mental deterioration after heart surgery is both more common and more persistent ...
depression is common in cardiac patients - Heart Disease - About.com
Why is depression so common in cardiac patients? Depression after both heart attacks and bypass surgery appears to be increasing in frequency. In the opinion  ...
Pump head - cognitive impairment after bypass surgery
Bypass surgery leaves some patients with permanent mental deficits. ... surgery, congenital problems, and, more · Links and articles related to cardiac surgery ...
Pump head and cardiac depression - Heart Disease - About.com
Pump head and cardiac depression: coronary artery bypass surgery new england journal england journal of medicine diagnosing depression new england ...
Robotic heart surgery - a status report - Heart Disease - About.com
an update on the status of robotic heart surgery: robotic heart surgery ... Rapid recovery from cardiac surgery is not only better for the patient, but it is less ...
Four Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy - About.com
Dec 31, 2014 ... If you've had a severe cardiac injury or surgery, such as open heart surgery, your physical therapist may start working with you in the intensive ...
Physical Therapy in Acute Cardiac Rehabilitation
Mar 7, 2014 ... There are four phases of a cardiac rehabilitation program: the first ... Sternal precautions (if you have had cardiac surgery); Risk factors for ...
Bypass Surgery - Cardiac Rehab After Bypass Surgery
Sep 18, 2008 ... A cardiac rehabilitation program can be a literal lifesaver for the millions who have had heart surgery.
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