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How Should Your Doctor Evaluate Dyspnea (Shortness of Breath)?

By December 27, 2013

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Dyspnea (shortness of breath) is often a sign of a serious medical problem.  So if you have dyspnea, it is important for your doctor to figure out the cause as soon as possible. Fortunately, a good doctor can usually evaluate the cause of a patient's dyspnea expeditiously, so that effective therapy can be started.

Read here about how dyspnea should be evaluated.

December 31, 2012 at 6:41 pm
(1) shaun says:

I had a MI 3 years ago. The main symptoms were a pain in the back between the shoulder blades and shortness of breath, with occasional throwing up. The symptoms lasted for 2.5 months. In that period of time I saw 4 doctors, including two in the emergency , and they told me I had indigestion. However, the thing I remember was the shortness of breath , I had to rest after walking a short distance, and I was used to doing interval training and walking for over an hour a day previous to that 2.5 month time period.

January 6, 2014 at 4:00 pm
(2) Susan says:

Two years ago I had an issue of feeling dizzy nauseous that passed but later started having problems getting a deep breath when I told my Dr. he sent me home with a pulse ox and ordered oxygen the oxygen caused a terrible sinus infection over and over I was sick so I sent it back and then vomiting started that became chronic to date. I ended up in the ER last month (Dec 2013) where they found a Left Bundle Branch Block that I did not have on my last EKG of 2007. A heart specialist was consulted in the hospital and they have yet to find the cause but I feel there is a connection to my experience that began 2 years ago. I have had an echocardiogram, stress test with Lexiscan and presently wearing an event Monitor. There was some very mild Pulmonary Hypertension but otherwise nothing so far. I would have NEVER known this had I not went in for the vomiting. Should I insist on having the arteries checked as well?

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