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Richard N. Fogoros, M.D.

Deciding On The Best Treatment For Cholesterol

By December 24, 2012

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If you have high cholesterol, your doctor will probably base your treatment on recommendations that come from National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel III (NCEP ATP III), published in 2002 and updated in 2004.

Those treatment guidelines suggest:  a) categorizing your cardiac risk as low, intermediate or high; b) based on your risk level, deciding on "target" levels for you LDL cholesterol; then c) choosing the best treatment method for achieving those targets.

Since 2004, however, a lot of new clinical data have been published that have caused most physicians to "tailor" the ATP III recommendations for their patients.  Read here about how physicians are now deciding on the best treatment for cholesterol.

December 20, 2010 at 9:00 am
(1) Rob at Kardea says:

Here is the unhappy truth. Fewer Americans are at low risk for heart disease than a generation ago — and more Americans are moving from low risk to intermediate risk, and from intermediate risk to high risk. The source of the challenge is what we are eating (increasingly unbalanced), how much we are eating (too much) and how many calories we burn through the course of the day. Medical science is working hard to save us from ourselves — and this includes increasing use of cholesterol-lowering medications. But note that the first course of treatment under the NCEP recommends are lifestyle changes —- and research consistently shows heart healthy nutrition can serve as very effective approach to very significant improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammatory and blood glucose levels. In manay cases, the results can be comparable to medications — even for those with a genetic predisposition to one or more heart risk factors.

We need to give greater thought as to how these dietary solutions are supported in our hectic, on-the-go lifestyle where healthy eating is often more expensive than the alternatives.

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